When exactly you can start playing The Outer Worlds

For all of you that are eager to explore The Outer Worlds, these are comprehensive visual charts as to when exactly you will be able to actually play the game. It does depend on your geographical location and your system of choice while maintaining the same release date for the most part.

Outer Worlds ReleaseIt is well-known by now that the release date for Obsidian’s exciting new title, The Outer Worlds, is this 25th of October, however, the times where you can actually start playing might be a little different depending on your geographical location and system of choice.

Luckily, the Obsidian team foresaw that some of us could use an easy to follow chart as to when exactly we can start exploring The Outer Worlds. The PC version of the game is pretty straightforward, being that is the same moment, just at every place’s respective time:

PC release times

PC versions will go live at the same moment globally.

With London’s GMT-0 in mind, the PC versions will go live simultaneously. 

On Consoles, it gets a little trickier, with it being a physical disc and all. The release date marks when the game will be readily available for pick-up or to be shipped or purchased at you local game store. 

Consolo release schedule

The console availability does fluctuate a little more than on PC.

So, it’s still midnight starting on the 25th of October in London, but that’s the only place where the release time is still the same as on PC. Most other places will either get it before or after this London time. The first place in the list is, of course, Wellington’s 0:00  time in New Zealand, then Sidney’s 00:00 in Australia and so on until you reach mid-west US, where the time is adjusted for Seattle’s 21:00 time on the 24th of October, so that is not that far behind. It still a 5-hour difference just in Seattle, from the PC release at 16:00 local time until the console release at 21:00.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The physical copies of the game most certainly will have a day-one patch. Its estimated size is about 38GB on Xbox One and 18gb on PS4. This difference in file size might be due to the fact that the Xbox One X will be able to pull 4k with this game as opposed to the PS4, which will have no Enhancements. 
  • In other bad news to PS4 users, pre-loading is possible as of right now on the Xbox One, but the Sony console will have to wait to have that privilege.
  • Also, if you manage to get the digital pre-load, the hefty patch we mentioned before will already be included in it, so that’s a relief. 

We hope that knowing The Outer Worlds release date and time proves useful to you.

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