What We Can Learn From the PS5 Hands-on Previews

We now have our best look yet at the shiny new console with a range of hands-on impressions. The latest round of previews gives us a look at what's inside the box of the PlayStation 5. So what have people got to say about the aesthetics and form factor of the console as well as the official accessories that will be releasing with the console? Plus a quick look at Astro's Playroom.

What We Can Learn From the PS5 Hands-on Previews

Many influencers and journalists, such as Geoff Keighley, have had the chance to share their hands-on experiences with the PlayStation 5 today in the latest round of previews. After showcasing the user interface a couple of weeks ago and teasing us with just the retail box on Friday, we can now journey inside and see everything that’s included with your console when it arrives in just a few weeks. Although unfortunately, for now, they can’t show the console being turned on and only gameplay of Astro’s Playroom can be shared.

What’s in the Box?

Included along with the console itself is a DualSense controller, an HDMI 2.1 cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable, the power cable, the stand and all-important printed materials. Of course, we already knew this as the contents is detailed on the outside of the box but now we can get an actual look at everything in the flesh. There’s something oddly satisfying about unboxing a new tech product, due to how all the items are arranged in an easy and stylish way, which is why many fans have been eager for this day to come for a while.

Let’s get this out of the way early; yes the PS5 is massive, and these previews only confirm what we’ve been hearing for months now. By seeing the console side-by-side with people, other consoles and household objects it helps to give us a much clearer image in our heads about how it will fit in our own entertainment set-ups. People have also given their impressions of the aesthetics of the console and if they like how it looks, and while this is a very subjective aspect, it helps people to understand how it compares to the 3D render of the reveal trailer.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

A New Way to Play

The new controller, the DualSense, is also a large part of these previews. There are now many people who have had the chance to physically hold the controller to see how it feels and how it changes the gameplay experience. First impressions seem to be very good with most people praising the ergonomics – specifically the changes to the size and shape of the controller and the adjustments to the triggers and shoulder buttons. Responses to the improvements that the DualShock 4 made over the DualShock 3 were already very positive so as the DualSense just builds upon what worked, it will surely be a very popular controller.

The more advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the controller are some of the things which may make the PS5 feel very different and exciting, but it has been difficult for Sony to effectively show off how this works and what impact they have on the player. Those that have access to the PS5 early have been able to show off gameplay of Astro’s Playroom, which comes pre-installed, to allow them to demonstrate the DualSense’s new features by describing how it directly reacts to actions in-game.

Astro's Playroom: Our First PS5 Hands On!


This latest round of previews has also given us our first proper look at the new Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD camera and DualSense charging station. Just as with the controller and console, the benefit of hands-on previews is that we get opinions of these products based on actual first-hand experience which can be way more effective than slogans, tech specifications and other buzzwords they Sony keep repeating. Although these items are sold separately to the console, they will nevertheless be very popular for gamers this holiday season so previews are very important because they don’t come cheap and many people will hope to get their money’s worth. Fortunately, the previews do seem to indicate that they are worth it but how useful the camera will be, for example, will vary from person to person.

The two-tone colour aesthetic persists across all accessories.

The two-tone colour aesthetic persists across all accessories.

This PlayStation 5 hands-on preview is just the next step in Sony’s marketing campaign with more previews and showcases expected to come in the coming weeks. More information is expected to be released on the 6th of November and we’ll likely get previews of the other launch titles themselves between now and the 12th of November.

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