What To Expect From HOI4’s Man The Guns DLC

At this years PDXCON 2018, the Man the Guns DLC was announced for Hearts of Iron IV. The upcoming DLC focuses more so on the naval warfare aspect of game, by allowing greater customisation of warships; being able to add armour or heavier guns through a modular design; and the ability to modernise older models of ships.

Additionally, the new DLC will bring updated national focus trees for democratic nations such as Great Britain and the United States, allowing players to explore alternative histories or fully mobilise the 'arsenal of democracy'. This is somewhat similar to the Waking the Tiger DLC, expect it places the attention of major democratic nations, allowing the players greater freedoms when in game. Furthermore, the DLC is set to add fuel (a new resource that mechanical units consume) that is most definitely going to change the way the game is played.

No official release date for Man the Guns has been announced, with the game's Steam page merely stating that the new content is 'Coming Soon'. Please be sure to watch the trailer below and check out our review of the most recent DLC, Waking the Tiger, which places a great amount of attention towards China and Japan.

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