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WePlay announces second major Artifact tournament

Announced under the WePlay Artifact Might Triad: Agility name, the tournament is the second tournament in the series of major Artifact tournaments under the Mighty Triad banner. While continuing the approach of the previous tournament, Agility has some major changes.

WePlay announces second major Artifact tournament
One of the first changes you will notice is the tournament is no longer invites only. While it made sense for the first tournament in the series due to the game being literally one-day-old, WePlay Artifact Agility features separate regional Open Qualifiers for Americas (NA & SA), Europe, and Asia & Oceania. 

The Open Qualifiers start December 26, and you can read more important details on WePlay's announcement page. You can already apply for Agility at the tournament page.

What's also changed this time around? The Prize Pool. It is now $15 000.

After Open Qualifiers (Dec 26), the tournament will proceed with Closed Qualifiers (Dec 28), followed by the Main Event (Jan 15-20). The Closed Qualifiers are scheduled to be the competition between the winners of Open and Closed Qualifiers. The organizers are going to invite the participants of the first tournament to the Closed Qualifiers; however, the player list hasn't been revealed yet.  

If you want to know more about the first tournament, check out our coverage. We've released 3 interviews with the casters, with more interviews to come this/next week.

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