Weekly News Roundup Issue #9

Catch up on the most notable gaming related news from the last week. In this week’s issue of Weekly News Roundup, we’re treated to wide array of happenings in the industry. From jealous murderous girlfriends, to beloved heroes in new fighting games all the way to the latest in EA controversies. Get your fix below.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9

A Week of Lara as Tomb Raider Suddenly Becomes More Prevalent

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Tomb Raider

If you haven’t seen Lara’s face on the side of a bus or telephone box, you must be living in a cave! In the past week, we first learned of a leaked release date for Lara’s upcoming adventure in Shadow of The Tomb Raider. Shortly after, we got a teaser trailer for the game with many enticing images to ruminate on. Of course, the latest transition of Tomb Raider to film released on March 16th. Check out our review roundup to see what critics from around the web think of Alicia Vikander’s performance. 

PUBG Gamer Gets Attacked By Murderous Girlfriend

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - PUBG Girlfriend Attack

A few days ago, we learned of Alex Lovell’s desperate fight to survive as his girlfriend attacked him in the dark of night with a samurai sword! What led her to such measures? A twelve plus hour habit of playing PUBG, as well as supposed evidence that he’d been cheating. Take a look at our piece for more details, as well as the harrowing telephone call murderous Emily Javier made after the incident. 

Geralt On His Way To Soul Calibur VI 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Geralt of Soul Calibur

Rumours had been circulating that Geralt of Rivia, the beloved protagonist of The Witcher franchise, is making his way to Soul Calibur VI. Last Friday, those rumours were put to rest with confirmation of his part in the upcoming fighting game. With famous Star Wars characters making their way to Soul Calibur in the past, this hardly comes as a surprise, but we’ll welcome the badass monster hunter any day. 

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Forges Ahead

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Backwards compatibility

If there’s one thing Xbox has on PlayStation, it’s backwards compatibility. Last Wednesday, we got confirmation that a new set of games have been made available on the platform for all you nostalgia heads out there. Have a peruse of our coverage to learn which games have joined the backwards compatibility roster. 

Battlefront II’s Microtransactions Soon To Return

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Battlefront II

At the end of last week we learned, Battlefront II’s microtransactions are soon to return. However, before you fling your arms up in protest at EAgive our coverage of the big update a read… In many ways, there have been changes to the game that will be seen as nothing less than a step in the right direction. 

The Love For All Things Sega Continues

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Sega Mega Drive

Many older gamers out there have particularly fond memories of their time on the Sega Mega Drive. News that a compilation of the console’s most successful titles returning as a bundle will be music to their ears. Better still, the collection of retro titles will be available for PC, Xbox One and Steam. Check out our coverage for more details on what to expect. 

Josef Fares Pushes His Luck Yet Again

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - Josef Fares

Many will remember Josef Fares for his explosive, expletive filled speech at last year’s Game Awards. This is the man in charge of Hazelight – the team behind upcoming co-op title, A Way Out. This time around, Fares has been cited explaining how not a single penny of profits from A Way Out will go to EA… Even though they have funded the project. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Begins It’s Road To Redemption

Weekly News Roundup Issue #9 - KCD Patches

Upon the much awaited game’s release, it’s no secret Kingdom Come: Deliverance is riddled with inexcusable bugs. Recently, developer Warhorse Studio took their first step towards making a fully serviceable game. While a lot more work has yet to be done, the changes made so far are steps in the right direction. Take a look at our full breakdown of patches made in Warhorse’s flagship title.

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