Weekly News Roundup Issue #85

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week we have fresh news on console tariffs, Resident Evil Resistance, Knights of the Old Republic rumors and more.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #85

KeenGamer weekly news is a series of articles designed to bring you the hottest gaming and pop culture related news. Each news is presented in a bite-sized format and will lead you to the original source of the news if you want to find out more details.

There won’t be any console tariffs, at least for now

Console tariffs will not be enforced

Good news for buyers of the next generation of consoles

America and China finally took a chill pill and settled their differences, at least temporarily. If you recall, last year’s tensions between two countries threatened to have a huge impact on the gaming industry by having a 25% import tax on gaming consoles. You can only imagine how this would affect the availability and price of the soon-upon-us next generation of consoles. Luckily, this won’t come to pass thanks to the agreement President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He have signes on January 15th. For more information on the deal and the almost imposed tariffs, check out our original coverage.

Resident Evil: Resistance won’t be canon

Resident Evil Resistance will not be canon

We don’t have a problem with it

The online portion to the remake of Resident Evil 3, the formerly titled Project Resistance, will not be canon in the beloved universe. The producer of the game reasons that the mode is there just to give players some fun stuff to do after finishing the main story. What happens in the multiplayer portion is made with fun and cooperation in mind and wouldn’t necessarily line up with the canon events of the franchise – especially where the usage of known characters is concerned. For more info on Resident Evil 3 as well as the decision to have its multiplayer be non-canon, check out our original coverage.

Knights of The Old Republic sequel rumors are swirling about

KOTOR sequel rumor

Do you have any more of them KOTOR games?

Knights of The Old Republic, to this day, remain one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time. So it’s no wonder that every hint of a possible sequel of any kind is met with a high level of interest in the gaming community. The latest rumor comes from Cinelinx, where two sources claim that a remake is in development along with another allegation that it is more of a “sequel.” One of the sources, in particular, has proven to be accurate when it comes to previous Star Wars rumors. For more details on what’s being said on the supposed new KOTOR check out our original report on these exciting rumors.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the game fans have been waiting for

DBZ Kakarot is pure fan service

Kakarot is pure fan service

As a huge fan of Dragon Ball franchise, it was extremely difficult for me to remain objective when reviewing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. While the game certainly does have issues and some of its elements feel half baked, it’s in many ways the game the fans have been waiting for. The sensation of freely flying and exploring the colorful world of Dragon Ball is already enough for the fans to drool over, I know I did. 

Ninja Theory announces an experimental horror game

Project Mara horor realism

Realistic horror? Count us in!

Ninja Theory has announced an “experimental” horror game titled Project: Mara, accompanied by a small teaser trailer. Much like Hellblade, the game will focus visual realism while dealing with themes of mental illness. Like in many horror games, this essentially gives the developers free rein to come up with any kind of psychedelic, fear-inducing experience they want. We honestly can’t wait. For more info and the look at the teaser trailer check out our original coverage.

Doom Eternal will be substantially meatier than its predecessor

Doom Eternal Campaign Length

Those poor demons!

Doom is the only game in the context of which you’ll hear someone actually feeling sorry for the demons. This will especially be the case in the upcoming Doom Eternal and its campaign which will be more than double the length of its predecessor. The developer goes so far as to say that the first two to three levels of Eternal offer more meat (literally) than the entirety of the original game. For more details on what exactly you’ll be doing for the projected 20+ hours of game time, check out our original coverage.

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