Weekly News Roundup Issue #7

Get your gaming fix for the biggest news of the industry, week commencing February 26th. It’s hard to believe we’re already on issue seven of our weekly news roundups. As we march further into the year, some exciting new developments have happened in the lead up to what will undoubtedly be great releases.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7

Far Cry Marketing Ramps Up

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Far Cry 5
With Far Cry 5 having drawn its share of controversy in light of recent event in America, Ubisoft don’t seem worried. Evidently by the huge marketing push they’re pouring into Far Cry 5’s release. They want to make sure everybody knows about the game. To keep completely up to date, check out our articles on: A short movie coming Amazon Prime, a book release and Ubisoft’s latest in a long line of their renowned live action trailers. 

Good News On The Witcher Front For Netflix 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Witcher Netflix
We’ve known for a fair while that The Witcher is gradually making its way to Netflix. After the initial announcement we’ve not heard much and remain in the dark on which actors will be involved. So far all we know is that it will focus on the books comprised of short separated stories for Geralt and company. Last Monday, we learned that script work is making headway and the first episode may already be in first draft. 

Trump Points His Finger At Videogames… Because He Can

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Trump plays the blame game
White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, confirmed on Friday that Trump would meet with video game representatives in light of the Florida shootings. He has also expressed an intent to start thinking about censorship of videogames with the belief that they are influencing young people to be violent. Make of this what you will, as time will only tell the result of his meeting and intentions in messing with games industry. Have a read of what this writer thinks of gaming’s link to real world violence (hint: not much). 


Yakuza 6 Demo Releases

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Yakuza 6
For Yakuza fans, the release of the demo for its sixth game is a big deal. The last release, Yakuza Zero was a prequel / origins story so fans are likely chomping at the bit to push further forward in the Yakuza timeline. Unfortunately, for Sega, it was released temporarily as a full game. As a result, the demo was pulled for a while. If you’d like the quick rundown of what to expect, check out our impressions piece

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets New Content

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - ESO
The Elder Scrolls Online has been out for quite some time now. That hasn’t stopped Bethesda from pouring new content into it, even now in 2018. The latest downloadable expansion is called Dragonbones. Check out our coverage of the expansion to learn exactly what you can expect from it, along with a juicy trailer. 

Overwatch Gets A New Hero

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Overwatch Bridgitte
The content continues to roll out for Overwatch as well. Torbjorn’s daughter, Bridgitte is now available as a unique spin on her father’s engineer style gameplay. Check out our article to learn more about Brigitte, her capabilities and to check out her story trailer. 

Detroit: Become Human Finally Gets A Release Date

Weekly News Roundup Issue #7 - Detroit
We’ve waited a heck of a long time but Quantic Dream, developers of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, have finally given us a release date for Detroit. Releasing on May 25th, Quantic Dream have celebrated by releasing the official box art for the game, as well as a new story trailer that explores each of the three playable characters. 

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