Weekly News Roundup Issue #68

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week we have plenty of news for you regarding Konami expanding its lineup of games, Capcom maintaining a healthy life/work environment as well as some incoming DLC that seek to improve MK11, Monster Hunter World and more.
Weekly News Roundup Issue #68

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68

Keengamer weekly news is a series of articles designed to bring you the hottest gaming and pop culture related news. Each news is presented in a bite-sized format and will lead you to the original source of the news if you want to find out more details. This time we bring a whole bunch of news that are all definitely worthy of your attention.

Konami expanding to more known intellectual properties

Konami expanding its game lineup

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – Konami branches to new IP’s

It’s been some time since Konami lost Kojima-san who went on to start his own studio. Since then the company has somewhat been on its last leg, still trying to find a new golden spark among numerous IP’s in their possession. Although they own the rights to many famous franchises, it seems they are looking to expand their reach. Word is that the company is looking to create new IP’s and invest into some more globally recognized ones. What that means, you can try to discern from our original coverage of the news.

New Warframe guitar mini-game brings out the artists in its community

Warframe guitar-like instrument Shawzin

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – The Shawzin is awesome

We’ll wait a bit longer to get driveable capital ships in Warframe. Until then, we got to play around with a new guitar-like instrument called Shawzin. This isn’t the first time the Warframe community got a fun little mini-game with which they can create songs, but the Shawzin really took it to the next level. Be sure to check out two players the awesome recreation of the famous Castlevania song Bloody Tears using the Shawzin. Wait for the drop to happen at 1:00. Of course, this wasn’t the only thing added in Saint Of Altra update. For more details on that, be sure to check our original coverage.

The Terminator not voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in MK 11

Arnold Schwarznegger not voicing his character in MK11

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – Hasta la vista, baby

Mortal Kombat 11 fans are in for a treat. The game’s DLC’s will, in the span of the next six months, add famous characters like DC’s Joker, Sindel, Spawn, and of course – the Terminator. The latter is even going to be looking like the man himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger won’t be spouting the iconic “I’ll be back” or “Hasta la vista” to his enemies and a sound-alike voice actor will be used instead. For more details on the release dates of each individual fighter and more, check out our original news.

More Death Stranding gameplay incoming

Death Stranding more gameplay footage

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – More tube babies incoming

If you didn’t get enough of tube babies in the Death Stranding footage showcased during this year’s Gamescom – you’re in for a treat. Kojima Productions has officially announced that Death Stranding will make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show with approximately 80 minutes worth of content. It remains unclear if the footage shown will be pure gameplay or something to further confuse us on the nature of the game itself or its story. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be eagerly awaiting any news drop regarding this highly interesting offering by Kojima.

New Hitman DLC sees Agent 47 take a vacation

Hitman 2 DLC roadmap

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – Agent 47 mixes business and pleasure

“Fierce rivalry” is coming to Hitman 2 and it introduces us to a new location called Haven Island. This tropical location comes with a whole host of new content with new targets, assassinations, escalations and more. The new location as well any content connected to it, is only available for those who purchased the season pass or gold edition of Hitman 2. For a more detailed overview of what you’ll be getting with this DLC – check out our original coverage.

Monster Hunter World Dev is the industry good guy

Iceborne good working conditions

Weekly News Roundup Issue #68 – Capcom employer of the month

In the midst of some heavy allegations and generally a bad week for the gaming industry – Capcom brings some much needed good news. Monster Hunter World director Kaname Fujioka described Capcom as being dedicated to providing a healthy work-life environment for its developers, even if crunch is nearly inevitable towards the end of development. For more details on how exactly they achieve such a balance – check out our original coverage.


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