Weekly News Roundup Issue #52

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week is a special one as we mark the first roundup since the arrival KeenGamer version 2! Welcome to our shiny new website, we hope you enjoy the result of all the hard work. Read on to get this week’s fix.

Weekly News Roundup Issue 52

Days Gone DLC Confirmed

Key art for the recently released Days Gone from Bend Studio

We may have written this quick news bite just before Days Gone came out, but it didn’t stop our surprise with a DLC announcement. Following the release of Spiderman, discussions have cropped up surrounding developers holding content back specifically for DLC. The cynicism surrounding that is only boosted when DLC is announced before a game is even released. However, that’s no doubt an opinion piece for another time. Take a look at this article if you picked up the open world zombie smasher, for DLC details.

Mortal Kombat 11 Patches On The Way



Normally, a mere patch update to a game is hardly worth a news article. After all, we get them daily nowadays. However, in the case of Mortal Kombat 11, one of many sticking points for fans has been its towers. Typically an arcade style, fight after fight kind of setup with no story, MK 11’s challenge towers have become the best way to farm upgrade currency. Only, when the randomised buffs and debuffs make them impossible (in some cases) NetherRealm have to pay attention. It seems they are, with a number of patches and fixes on the way in response to opening week complaints.

Fortnite Experiences A Cheater Purge

The recently held Fortnite World Cup exposed a heck of a lot of cheaters

Fortnite’s Online World Cup Open it seems, can bring out the worst in some of us. In a move from Epic that will likely have resulted in nearly 1,200 crying children and almost double the amount of parents no longer fearing their wallets whereabouts – scores of players have been banned. The event brought to light some of the more insidious players out there, desperate for glory on the virtual battlefield. We covered the repercussions they faced.

Keen Attendance At Insomnia 64

A renowned gathering of gamers

If there’s a gaming event going down, you can be sure KeenGamer will be there to cover it. We recently took a look at this year’s EGX Rezzed in London and the next big thing on the to do list was Insomnia 64 at the Birmingham NEC, here in the UK. To catch up on the big events and gaming competitions of the event, you can be sure to do so right here at KeenGamer.

Sigma Theory Wins This Week’s Game Reviews

Espionage on a global scale in this hit indie turn based game

As with any issue of KeenGamer’s Weekly News Roundup, we like to top things off with our most highly reviewed game of the week. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is a turn based strategy title and has a strong team behind its development. If that sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to check out our review.

We know what you’re thinking. What about Days Gone or perhaps Mortal Kombat 11? Well, a lot has been going on here at KeenGamer what with the site wide refresh and we’ll simply say – all in good time. Until next week, game on!


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