Weekly News Roundup Issue #5

If your typically nourished diet of gaming news ended up missing out at all this week, this is article for you. From February tenth to today, we’ve seen big game releases, extremely encouraging rumours and game announcements. Don’t miss a beat with Weekly News Roundup Issue #5

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5

System Shock Will Return… When It’s Ready 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - System Shock
For a few years now, System Shock fans have waited patiently for a completely rebuilt remaster of the original classic. It was the titan that ultimately go on to inspire Bioshock and those who played remember it fondly to this day. On the 16th of February, we learned that developer Nightdive Studio has run into a few snags and we System Shock fans are going to have wait longer than previously anticipated. Check out our article to learn more about the speedbumps the project is having to traverse. 

all The Facts Lead Toward A Cyberpunk Reveal

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - Cyberpunk
At the very start of the week, it began to sink in. As we learned of CD Projekt Red confirming attendance at E3 2018, it became all too easy to get excited for a Cyberpunk 2077 reveal trailer. According to sources, the game is in a playable state at present but that’s not all that has us so sure we’ll be seeing the steampunk RPG this year at long last. Take a closer look at the mounting evidence in our article

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is Among Us

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Sure, it’s been among us in Early Access on Steam for some time now. Although February 13th saw the full and final global release for the title. With many people claiming the game is the truest RPG since Skyrim and history buffs praising it for its true accuracy, check out our article to learn more about the medieval story of redemption and revenge. 

A Familiar Old Friend Is On His Way Back 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - Spyro
That’s right. Spyro The Dragon will soon return to our living rooms. After a tantalising release of information from sources discussed at Kotaku, we have learned that Vicarious Visions are working on a trilogy remaster for the loveable purple dragon. With the same team working on him that brought us the N’ Sane Trilogy, we’re confident that when the Spyro Trilogy is ready for the shelves, it’ll be every bit as wonderful as we’d hope. For more details on what to expect in the “from the ground up” remaster, take a deeper look at the details in our article

The Evil Within 2 Gets A First Person Option

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - The Evil Within 2
Third person horror just isn’t for some people. If you’re one of those people, would The Evil Within 2 appeal to you more if you could play it in first person? Thanks to an update from Bethesda, it’s now possible and let’s players get that little bit closer to the grim horrors that lie within the game. Take a look at our coverage along with a gameplay trailer to see just how this new spin on The Evil Within 2 plays out. Could Bethesda be looking jealousy at Resident Evil 7 here? 

pUBG Begins To Lose Momentum

Weekly News Roundup Issue #5 - PUBG
Let’s be fair, PUBG has enjoyed its fair share of success. What goes up must come down and over the course of last week, it looks like player counts are dropping for the famously popular game. It comes after the developer cracking down on cheaters mercilessly. But are people also just getting tired of PUBG? Take a deeper look at what’s going on with our coverage on the falling numbers.

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