Weekly News Roundup Issue #48

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. Yet another busy week has landed as the games industry begins to really warm up for Spring. We have exciting news on Borderlands 3, Switch console developments, VR and much more.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48

Borderlands 3 Trailer Drops Out of Nowhere

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - Borderlands 3

Last week, Borderlands 3 was announced. It enjoyed a raucous and confident trailer strutting out into the public eye. The conference from Gearbox preceding the trailer's arrival has gained renown for all the wrong reasons. Technical issues abound and commentaries speak of intense monotony throughout. The ultimate icing on the cake was the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer. If you’ve not checked it out yet, have a butchers at our coverage for the video and more. 

A PlayStation Classic Arrives to The Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - Final Fantasy VII

One of the most beloved Final Fantasy games of all time, Final Fantasy 7, has enjoyed rejuvenation on many platforms. It has had re-releases on Steam and the PlayStation Store. Finally, the game has made its way to the Switch, making for another great title to enjoy on the go. However, all is not so peachy on the Nintendo platform as Final Fantasy Switch fans have experienced disappointing bugs on it release.

Two Perfectly Suited Games Heading to VR

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - Five Nights at Freddie's

While we may have discussed recently here at KeenGamer how VR sales are not all that fantastic, it’s not slowing the slew of releases for headset owners. The two most prominent announcements for VR of last week were Iron Man VR and Five Nights at Freddie’s. Both of which will be suited to the platform perfectly, only – we hope Five Nights at Freddie’s doesn’t give you a heart attack. 2D was harrowing enough! Have a gander at our coverage for more

Nintendo Reveals New Models of The Switch 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - Nintendo Switch

This generation of consoles has become no stranger to mid generational model upgrades. It should seem hardly surprising then, that the Switch is the latest to join the trend. Like its console competitors, Nintendo intends to offer two separate models based on gamer’s needs and whether they are looking for a more powerful model or to save money with a more casual option. Read what we have to say to learn more

Valve’s Controversial Artifact Takes a Step Back

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - Artifact

Valve’s card game title Artifact was spoken highly of prior to its release. However, months after the fact, the game suffered from seriously bad press. Its monetisation model seemed harsh almost to the point of parody. Players would later highlight notions of game abandonment and a lack of compassion for the Artifact community. In light of this incredibly rocky start for what was supposed to be Valve’s next big thing, they appear to have made the smart move and taken a step back. In doing this, they are set to postpone originally impending updates and “re-evaluate” the title. Take a look at our coverage for what exactly all of this means

EA Dumps A Large Part of Its Staff

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - EA
Judging from the last year, working for the games industry seems to be an evermore harsh and unforgiving role. In the latest of high profile layoffs, our favourite publisher EA, has seen fit to lay off 350 of its marketing staff. KeenGamer has coverage on EA's baffling decision that will apparently improve the company. 

Two Major Titles Reviewed In One Week

Weekly News Roundup Issue #48 - DMC V and Sekiro

As stated before, the games industry is really starting to warm up as the year rolls into Spring. We normally drop the most highly reviewed game of the week here at the end of the news roundup. However, in this instance, both Sekiro and Devil May Cry V have popped up at KeenGamer, each earning the same respectably high score. Find yourself torn on which to invest in? Take a few moments to see what our reviewers had to say about these two incredible titles.

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