Weekly News Roundup Issue #46

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. Things have been a little quieter this last week. But we still have exciting news from Turtle Rock, Rebellion and even a lovely surprise for Halo fans.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #46

Valve Vs The People

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Valve Vs The People

In recent years, Valve and it’s online PC dominating store front, Steam, has encountered an unforeseen issue. We’ve all seen it. If a beloved, perfectly functional game releases to a particular controversy, the only only power we consumers have to object to the latest kerfuffle is to… well, review bomb it. This is a huge problem that reaches far and wide, ultimately defaming great games on aggregate sites like Metacritic. Valve has decided it may be time to take action against such practices

Turtle Rock Lives

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Turtle Rock lives

Development Studio, Turtle Rock, is best known for their work with they CryEngine and team based multiplayer, Evolve. Back then, Evolve suffered a lot at the hands of its developers, segregating lobbies several times over, dependant on who ordered what edition and who had what DLC. It was a mess and pretty quickly – those lobbies died out. For those who managed to experience Evolve properly, however, there was no denying the team had a good handle on multiplayer mechanics and plenty of creative know-how to come up with some fresh ideas. This week, KeenGamer learned they’re at it again, this time with zombies. Will they have learned their lessons of the past? 

Rebellion Returns to World War 2

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Rebellion Returns to World War 2

Like Evolve, the Sniper Elite franchise boasts a small but very faithful fan base. Those fans may have been a little concerned after the release of the brilliant Strange Brigade, that perhaps the team was done with the tactical shooter. In an announcement this week, the studio has reassured us that is not the case with not one but several Sniper Elite titles in the pipeline

Hello Games Continues Righting Wrongs

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Hello Games Continues Righting Wrongs

It seems we’re on a roll this week with small titles that are much loved by their small fanbase. That may sound a little scathing as a description of people who are still playing No Man’s Sky. At least those people have enjoyed some cracking updates from Hello Games in the last year and the next universe expanding effort is on the horizon. No Man’s Sky has an exciting new palette of features on the way for fans. 

Halo Triumphantly Marches Toward PC Gamers

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Halo Triumphantly Marches Toward PC Gamers

It would be a safe bet to say there’s a lot of people out there who played Halo on the original Xbox (and on the 360) who ultimately transitioned to PC gaming. It’s also a safe bet that the memories of Halo multiplayer are some of our fondest. We’ve sat waiting patiently since the release of Halo 2 in 2004 for another Halo title on the PC platform. We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief now and look forward to enjoying The Masterchief Collection with Reach bundled in on PC soon!

Overwatch Continues Its Roster

Weekly News Roundup Issue #45 - Overwatch Continues Its Roster

The news coverage, Blizzard’s short story animations, the hype – it’s all settled down for Overwatch in the last year. It’s front and centre position in the games industry’s eyes has since been occupied by Fortnite and Apex Legends. That doesn’t mean the people at Blizzard aren’t still supporting the game. Pretty soon, Overwatch enthusiasts will have a new hero to look forward to.

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