Weekly News Roundup Issue #43

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week, we have coverage on Reggie Fils-Amie, strange new directions for the Nintendo Switch , Skull and Bones live action and much more. Read on to get this week's fix.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43

A Sad Farewell For Reggie

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Reggie Fils-Amie

Of all the high profile gaming executives out there, Reggie Fils-Aime, CEO of Nintendo America is likely one of the rare few to be genuinely missed. Indeed, the man has announced his retirement from the company. His overly human approach to journalists and the open way he talks about games will likely leave a hole in the industry for many. For the full rundown on his decision, take a look KeenGamer’s news

Xbox Products Coming to… The Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Xbox streaming may arrive on the Switch

The rumour mill turned rather enthusiastically this week as KeenGamer caught news of Xbox exclusives like Ori And The Blind Forest coming to the Nintendo Switch. Bafflingly, the rumours suggest Nintendo could be partnering with Microsoft to make use of their upcoming Xcloud gaming streaming service. While the Switch would have a hard time running something like Gears 5, the Xcloud would enable the streaming of such titles for Nintendo. Check out our coverage to see where these rumours are emanating from and just how this odd cross-compatibility of competing companies could take shape. 

Ubisoft Loves a Bit of Live Action

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Who's up for a Skull & Bones series?

With Skull & Bones possibly being the most hyped Ubisoft title on the way from the mega dev, (right next to Beyond Good & Evil 2) it’s hardly any wonder the marketing for such a game comes in the form of a live action series. Ubisoft is no stranger to this method of marketing as Far Cry 5 got the same treatment. In the case of Skull & Bones, the tidbits of information are currently thin on the ground but check out our coverage to learn all we know so far

Finally Some More News on Dreams

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Dreams gradually draws nearer

Around five years ago, the PlayStation 4 released to the world. The upcoming Dreams from Little Big Planet devs, Media Molecule, had a little part in the console release sizzle reel. It’s also the only game from that sizzle still not to have graced the shelves. Dreams has been teasing us for a long, long time. Finally, after all this time, we have some light at the end of the tunnel. Dreams early access will be launching this Spring. If you’ve waited frustradely on the edge of your seat all this time, take a look at how you can get involved

No Escape From The Acti/Blizz Loot Box For COD

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Lootboxes in Black Ops 4

On the release of Black Ops 4, many of us were pleasantly surprised about the lack of monetisation. Although, among the eagle eyed gamers out there, little signs suggested that monetisation was on the way. It’s all too easy to be a cynic in today’s gaming climate and once again we cynics have been proven right. Alongside the existing microtransactions, Black Ops 4 has now had loot boxes crammed into it. You just couldn’t resist, could you Activision? 

Dante Voice Actor Shot At

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Dante of DMCV

While Devil May Cry and Street Fighter voice actor, Reuben Langdon was in Guatemala filming a documentary an unknown assailant shot at him. As he and his colleagues sat in a stationary car, six rounds were fired into the vehicle. Langdon and company remain unharmed after the incident, however it was a very close shave indeed. Learn more details on Langdon’s brush with death by checking out our coverage, which delves into things in more detail. 

Scalebound Revived

Weekly News Roundup Issue #43 - Not the end of the line for Scalebound

Two years ago, on January 9th 2017, Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled. Stories came out of Microsoft Studios suggesting a chronic understaffing issue. Staff were reportedly so overworked that the studio took a three-week mental health break. Upon returning, staff were informed the project was cancelled. Some good news for Scalebound fans however, as the project has been revived with the intention of finally releasing as a Switch exclusive. The strange companionship of Microsoft and Nintendo continues…