Weekly News Roundup Issue #34

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week, we have coverage on the saddening events at Telltale Games , lots of new DMCV news , more from the world of The Witcher and much more. Read on to get this week's fix.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34

The End of Telltale Games

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Telltale Games

It was only one month ago that we were getting news from Telltale Games, business as usual. Promising developments for The Wolf Among Us 2 and the final season of The Walking Dead were being discussed. In the end, it turned out Telltale Games were actually going through hard times for a good while until eventually, it was announced the studio would be laying off a vast majority of its staff, The Wolf Among Us 2 cancelled outright and the last two episodes of The Walking Dead never to arrive. For details on how a studio that has brought us countless memorable stories, check out our coverage

Devil May Cry Updates

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Devil May Cry 5

After the events of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it’s been a busy week of news reveals for the DMCV team at Capcom. They have revealed a new trailer as well as special edition details for fans to look forward to. But what highly anticipated game would be complete without its share of controversy? It was also discovered at TGS that Devil May Cry V will contain a microtransaction system, leading many to worry how this will affect the in-game grind. 

Microtransactions Even Find Their Way Into Fallout

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Fallout 76

Is nothing sacred? Near the beginning of last week, it was discovered that Fallout 76 will also contain microtransactions. Pete Hines of Bethesda insists that it only pays for cosmetic items and there will be no pay to win elements in Fallout 76. The goal, from Bethesda’s perspective, is to “make Fallout 76 last forever”, funded by these microtransactions. Instead of railing on the questionable business practice, as many other outlets do (doubtless you have read them already), we take a moment to muse on just how the introduction of microtransactions will affect the feel of Fallout 76.

Digital Detox Is Now A Thing

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Digital Detox

After discovering that children of today spend around six hours of their day looking at a screen, our very own Jack Ulyatt decided to shine a light on the Digital Detox. It is a movement run by concerned parties for these children’s welfare touting the slogan “disconnect to reconnect”. Read on for more details

What The Eighth Generation Has Done For Us

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Eighth generation

Continuing the musings of KeenGamer staff, we also took a step back to look at what the current generation of gaming has done for the industry. It’s safe to say this generation is now in its closing years but a lot has happened. Check out our wonderfully in-depth article on the highs and lows of this generation, from the shaky emergence of VR to the explosion of the indie market. 

You Awake In A Dark Room

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Dark Room

We got a chance to preview an upcoming game called The Dark Room. It cares not for gaming conventions of today and delights in messing with the player, not too different to Stanley Parable. Only, in this case, your only guide to finding the light in the dark room is a mad antagonist that delights in your anguish. Written and performed by Australian comedian, John Robertson, the game is legitimately funny at every turn. The trailer below will give an idea for the tone this game is going for and, if you’ve learned anything from this week’s roundup, it will all least be that The Dark Room is funny as hell

The Witcher Franchise Will Soon Continue

Don’t spurt your drink over the screen just yet. This is not a massive AAA open world title. Regardless, the upcoming Thronebreaker maintains CD Projekt Red’s penchent for designing RPG mechanics and is written by the same team that took care of The Witcher 3. Set before Geralt’s Thronebreaker offers the political intrigue the series is known for and weaves its Gwent card gameplay into combat. Check out this intriguing nugget from CD Projekt Red

Razed Is Here And It’s Not Bad

Weekly News Roundup Issue #34 - Razed

For those who may not be aware, Razed is an indie game that is all about momentum. Players must guide their character through networks of obstacle courses in a derelict game. With just wireframes and the odd platforms floating about, each level will test your reflexes and mastery of the movement system. Razed came in as last week’s most highly recommended game review. Take a look at the full write up if you’re looking for some cheaper indie fun.