Weekly News Roundup Issue #33

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. Every week we gather together last week's most prominent news from right here at KeenGamer for the busier folks out there looking for more bitesize news. This week, we have coverage on EA, Marvel's Spiderman and much more. Read on to get this week's fix.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33

Controversy Still Present For EA

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33 - EA
Ever since the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II last year, the argument that in-game loot boxes should be classed as a form of gambling is still very much present. Multiple nations have launched investigations into the matter, but only Belgium appear to be the ones leading the crusade against EA and its money-making ploys. In his opinion piece, Nick provides a stupendous analysis of the situation and questions whether ‘we are the bad guys’ and is a fantastic read for anyone interested in the political and legal aspects surrounding the gaming industry.

Creator Of Shadow Of The Colossus Working On New Project

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33 - Shadow of the Colossus

Japanese video game designer, Fumito Ueda, is working on a new project that will be ‘comparable in size to his previous projects’. Details regarding the upcoming game have yet to be released, but it was revealed in an interview that his GenDesign Studio is spending time testing various mechanics and systems for the title whatever it may be. To see the full coverage, spend some time reading Łukasz’s article.

Remembering Half-Life

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33 - Half-Life
In KeenGamer’s Nostalgia Zone, our writer Matthew explains the importance of Half-Life and how it ‘redefined gaming’ by heightening the standards for first-person shooter titles. So, if you’re still waiting for Half-Life 3 to be released – kill some time by reading Matthew’s opinion disquisition.  

Accolades Trailer Released For Marvel’s Spiderman

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33 - Marvel's Spiderman
If you’re still unsure whether to purchase this game (or just love Spiderman), then this trailer may be for you. The new title has received praise for gamers and reviewers alike and will give you a deep insight into what you can expect when playing the game. With this, if you would like to see the trailer as well as coverage on it, see Łukasz’s article.

Cyberpunk Night City Prototypes Designed On SimCity

Weekly News Roundup Issue #33 - Cyberpunk 2077
In some interesting news this week, Łukasz reveals some interesting facts regarding the origin of Cyberpunk 2077. The article focuses on details that were originally told by the creator of the Cyberpunk 2020 Pen&Paper RPG system, Mike Pondsmith.

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