Weekly News Roundup Issue #3

From week beginning January 29th, we’re starting the new year get back into full swing. With that, comes a busier time for the games industry as we begin to hear new information based on release dates along with gameplay impressions from early betas. We’ve covered it all but in case you missed anything, please do read on to get your quick news fix for the week just gone.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3

A Talented Developer Leaves Square Enix

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - Square departure
At the start of this week, we learned about the departure of what seems to be the latest in a recent spate of talented developers leaving their studio. In this case it was Teddy Diefenbach walking away from Square Enix Montreal. This is the strong arm of Square Enix responsible largely for their mobile gaming. They have developed the renowned Hitman GO and Tomb Raider GO. Diefenbach himself is best known for his involvement with Hyper Light Drifter. To learn more about reasons for his departure, check out Jack’s article. 

Superdata Tells Us 2017 Was Gaming’s Biggest Year

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - Superdata
When you take into consideration how many decades old the medium of videogames is, to say 2017 was its singular best year is a bold claim. Although, specialist research organisation Superdata, is here to confirm it. While 2017 may have a felt like the school of hard knocks for we gamers on the ground, it was a total commercial success across the board. From mobile gaming to the AAA scene. From VR to E-Sports, gaming expanded in cultural relevance massively. Check out our comprehensive breakdown of stats from Superdata if you don’t believe us! 

Mario kart will return on mobile devices

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - Mobile Mario Kart
Speaking of mobile gaming success, Mario Run was a huge win for Nintendo in the mobile scene last year. Nintendo knows this and we have now learned that a Mario Kart title will be making its way to mobile also. There is not a shadow of doubt that it will be equally, if not more successful than Mario Run. Check out Jack’s article for a rundown of all available details at the time of writing. 

Officially Test Your Rig Out, Ahead Of FFXV’s PC Release

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - FFXV Benchmark
We recently learned that Final Fantasy XV will finally release on PC March 6th. Game director, Hajime Tabata boasted that the title has been rebuilt from the ground up for PC and that it is “a generation ahead”. Make of that what you will. However, in light of this bold claim, Square Enix has released an official benchmark tool to check if your PC is up to the task. Take a look at our article to learn all about it and to grab your country specific version. Happy testing! 

God Of War Marketing Finds Its Way Into Your Facebook Messenger

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - God of War Messenger
In the run up to God of War’s release in April, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been pouring everything they have into marketing it. It feels like God of War is everywhere now and your Facebook Messenger cannot escape. In a clever move from developer, Santa Monica Studio, we can now play a text based mini game based on Kartos’ son, Atreus. For details on what to expect for partaking in this throwback style of game, check out Lorenzo’s article

Red Dead 2 Gets A Later Release Date Than Expected

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - Red Dead 2 Release
After finally seeing a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 last year, Rockstar fans were hyped to learn when it would be releasing. We were initially told Spring of this year. Although, the official date has now dropped and it’s later than expected. Take a look at Lorenzo’s article to learn more and to check out Rockstar’s official new screenshots for the game. 

Will Sea Of Thieves Sink Or Swim? 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #3 - Sea of Thieves Beta
The Microsoft exclusive MMO, Sea of Thieves enjoyed a closed Beta recently and our very own Nathan got a solid hands on with the game. With Microsoft exclusives thin on the ground and audiences warming to the pirate life in games, a lot seems to be riding on the long awaited title. Check out Nathan’s preview impressions to learn a little more about the cartoon-ish MMO that may yet have promises to live up to.

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