Weekly News Roundup Issue #28

As the year approaches its fourth and final quarter in the games industry, more announcements and developments have begun to emerge. Of course, what week in gaming news would be complete without a little controversy? EA has done it again, one particular RPG continues to be fantastic and fresh new indies are on the way.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28

Battlerite Royale Details Emerge

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Battlerite Royale

After hearing of the initial delay on Battlerite Royale’s release, fresh information on the anticipated title has been thin on the ground. In latest Battlerite news, we learn that Battlerite Royale will in fact enjoy a standalone release. Why this decision was made, what it means for existing players and further details are all explored in our coverage

Pillars of Eternity II Keeps On Giving

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Deadfire

When Pillars of Eternity II originally released, it mopped the floor with critics, unanimously agreeing on its excellence. Now that the game’s DLC, Beast of Winter has released, it has become the most highly reviewed game of the week. Take a look at our exhaustive review for the details on how all you Eternity II owners need to check this one out. 

Fallout 76 Turns Its Back On Steam

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Fallout 76

In what many are calling controversial news, Bethesda has seen fit not to arrange a release of the upcoming Fallout 76 on Steam. For a vast majority of PC gamers, Steam is the number one place to go to grab just about any game they can think of. Fallout 76 will not be there on release day, potentially turning its back on millions of potential customers. Instead, a digital copy for the PC platform will arrive Bethesda.net only. Take a look at our coverage as to why this might be and what it could mean for Bethesda

Super Smash Bros Character Roster Continues To Explode

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

For many, Super Smash Bros is an important childhood tradition, stubbornly holding its presence into adulthood. It’s no wonder the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, set for release this winter, is so highly anticipated. It looks to satisfy every fan desire, mainly in the huge amount of classic characters being revealed. Check out our coverage on exactly which new characters have been announced. 

EA Has Put Their Foot In It Again

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - EA

In a recent interview, an EA executive stated how the company has decided to employ a moral compass approach to how their games are developed. The choosing of the words “moral compass” come with more ramifications than may seem on the surface. Exploring this odd choice of words, we have a hotly worded opinion piece on EA’s ongoing struggle with public relations in the wake of their many hated decisions of 2017.

A Problem In Video Criticism 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Gaming criticism

Reviewing videogames is an under-appreciated art. An artform so potentially complex, leaning on a singular person’s opinion is rarely executed with perfection. We took a look at this ongoing problem in gaming media in the wake of the IGN Dead Cells plagiarism scandal. What can be done to curb modern day faults in video games criticism?

Another Pixel Art Indie On The Horizon

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Tales From The Neon Sea

With indie developers seeming to pop out a pixel art based game every left, right and center these days, the novelty of the genre’s return has started to fade. So the developers working on Tales of The Neon Sea have their work cut out for them. As a successful Kickstarter campaign rages on, take a look at how this may just be the one to stand out. A pixel art, Blade Runner-esque puzzle game? Yes please. 

The Cloud Envelopes All 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #28 - Cloud Gaming

In our recent ebook, the first chapter explores heavily what the near future holds in gaming. A big part of that relates to the internet and a lowered necessity for personal gaming hardware. This is, of course, cloud gaming. Right now, relegated to the lucky few with internet connection to support the tech. However, as time rolls on and so too does technology, it might not be long until we’re all looking at our old gaming rigs like an extinct animal. 

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