Weekly News Roundup Issue #27

The news this week has been somewhat of a mixed bag. With yet more titles coming to the Nintendo Switch to extensive coverage of this year's Anime Expo, our concise roundup of game news, has everything for the vehement gamer.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27

Great Selection Of Free PS Plus GAMEs This August

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - PS Plus
PS Plus subscribers can bag some great free titles this month including Mafia 3 and Dead by Daylight. In his article, Zach talks about how Sony are attempting to 'up their game' due to many fans arguing that Games with Gold for Xbox offers a greater variety of titles. To see the full list of games available as well as some analysis on the issues raised – see the article.

Surgeon Simulator CPR Coming To Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - Surgeon Simulator
The game which puts you in charge of life-saving operations will soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, you can now lessen the chance of catastrophes with the help of a fellow friend. To see Jake's full coverage of the news, check out his article.

Anime Expo 2018 Preview Recap

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - Anime Expo
For those who are interested in anime, then David's article will likely be worth your time. In the report, David provides a detailed analysis of what took place at the annual convention that saw many fans travel to Los Angeles. With that, if you would like to see what went on, then check out David's report.

Tips To Improve Your Mario Tennis Aces

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - Mario Tennis
Although this is not necessarily news, Deandre's guide will give you vital tips on how to beat the pros online. Therefore, if you would like to make these impossible shots somewhat possible, see the guide.

The Bits And Bytes Podcast Episode 2

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - Mamma Mia!
In the second addition of the podcast, you will get to listen to the views of some of the team on their favourite games in recent history as well as thoughts on the recent Mamma Mia movie and how it could be turned into a dating simulator. If you're interested in listening the podcast, you can find it in our article.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Gets Summer Update

Weekly News Roundup Issue #27 - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
As a thank you to their fans and backers, WayForward Technologies have released a brand new update for free. This update adds a whole heap of new features to improve the overall gameplay of the title. To see the full coverage, spend some time reading Joshua's piece.

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