Weekly News Roundup Issue #26

The last week in gaming has been a big one for updates. With the biggest overhaul ever applied to No Man’s Sky, can the game that was once the scandal of the year redeem itself? Raiders of The Broken Planet will also soon enjoy a big overhaul. More juicy information has dropped for the highly anticipated Code Vein and there’s been another dose of court related drama for Quantic Dream. Read on to get your weekly fix.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26

The Spectrum Retreat Was A Sudden Surprise

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Spectrum Retreat

First person puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days. Although, The Spectrum Retreat offers a fresh experience with its air of mystery and truly original puzzle solving ideas. For a game made by a fairly small studio, it boasts great voice acting and a story to keep players engaged around every corner of the art deco, android filled hotel. Clocking in as our second most highly scoring review of the week, be sure not to let this one pass you by. 

A Return To Medieval Bohemia

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Now five months after the tumultuous release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we figured it was time to go back to Bohemia to see how the game was faring. With Warhorse Studios working around the clock to patch the game up to its full potential, we dive back in looking for improvements. While some problems have been fixed more by the modding community than the developers themselves, deciding whether to go back properly is a tricky decision. 

From Raiders To Spacelords

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Spacelords

The title of its new form may be a little questionable but Raiders of The Broken Planet is set to be reborn anew as Spacelords. It’s no simple game patch. Spacelords is an entirely new game built off the Raiders assets that offers a fairer free to play model to all players, old and new. Check out our coverage for all you need to know on the co-op action shooter that may now finally get the chance at the recognition it always deserved. 

Octopath Traveller Tips

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Octopath Traveller

It’s no secret that one of the latest success stories for the Nintendo Switch is Octopath Traveller. In light of the fact that you probably own this game or at least thinking of picking it up, we rounded up all the jobs in the game and created some hot tips to take on board. Head over to our coverage to learn all about it

Everybody Loves Dragon Ball Z

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Dragonball Z

At least the revenue figures for Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle would suggest so! The game is making an absolute killing for itself as the anime colossus continues to find success in the games industry. The fans are out there and loving it! Check out our coverage on just how much money Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is making

More Tasty Morsels From Code Vein

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Code Vein

Fans of the upcoming anime nod to Dark Souls, Code Vein, were recently feeling a little disappointed by the announcement of the game’s delay. To make up for it, we got our hands on a demo for the game to bring you our impressions. Take a look at our coverage to find out if the game is shaping up to be worth all the hype surrounding it. 

A Dark Day For David Cage 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Quantic Dream

David Cage, CEO of Detroit: Become Human studio Quantic Dream, has recently lost a court case against one of his ex-employees. In the wake of a supposed smear campaign against his development studio and the unfair practices within, Cage seems to be on the losing side of a battle for his company’s public image. Take a look at our coverage to learn about how it all went down. Is the man truly to be held accountable? 

One Small Step For KeenGamer-Kind 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - Bits and Bytes Podcast

Last week, here at KeenGamer, we published our first gaming podcast! In this landmark moment for KeenGamer, staff discuss what they consider to be their games of the year so far as they reminisce on 2018. Head over to the page for the full podcast and let us know what you think.

No Man’s Sky Next Has Delivered

Weekly News Roundup Issue #26 - No Man's Sky Next

It will take some time for Sean Murray’s No Man’s Sky, developed in UK based Hello Games, to shake off the negativity of its messy release two years ago. After several preceding updates, the biggest one yet, Next, has arrived. It promises an overhaul of the entire game and some say it has finally become the product that was originally promised to us. Is it too little too late? See what you think with our highest rated review of the week.

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