Weekly News Roundup Issue #25

Once again, it's been another eventful week in the gaming world. Therefore, we have compiled some of the best bits of gaming news this week in another concise roundup. Although this week appears to be dominated by trailers, the articles below should be of interest to any wholehearted gamer out there.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25

Impressive Uncharted Fan Film

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - Uncharted Fan Film
Like Randy Orton and his RKO's, a new Uncharted fan film was released out of nowhere. The film itself boasts a great cast, including Nathan Fillion and Stephen Lang, with the director Allan Ungar falling in love with the game during his years as a film student. Of course, the release of the recent film significantly increases the chances of a major Uncharted movie, but will it happen? To see Nick's coverage of the film – check out his opinion piece.

Black Ops 4 Zombie Story Trailer

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - Black Ops 4
With the release of Black Ops 4 swiftly approaching, the game's developers Treyarch have released a new trailer detailing the story for the Black Ops 4 zombie mode. To read our coverage and brief analysis of the trailer, check out our previous article.

Interview With The DeVS Of Bus Simulator 18

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - Bus Simulator 2018
KeenGamer's writer Limarc recently interviewed Stillalive Studios, the developers of the popular title Bus Simulator 18. If you would like to find out why you should play the game and the other type of people who play it, spend some time reading the full interview.

PS4 Spiderman Gets New Trailer

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - Spiderman PS4
The highly anticipated Spiderman game for PS4 saw a new trailer this week. The trailer itself showcases a new story, characters as well as the third DLC outfit that will launch in cohesion with the game in Fall/Autumn of this year. To see the trailer and detailed analysis, check out Zach's coverage.

GTFO Trailer Underscores Menacing Enemy 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - GTFO
The game which is being developed by 10 Chambers, is a Left 4 Dead style co-op shooter, that fans are still awaiting further details after it's reveal back in December. Now, players have the chance get to see a new enemy that will be in the game. To see the full details, see Nick's article.

Air Missions: HIND Coming To PS4

Weekly News Roundup Issue #25 - Air Missions: Hind (PS4)
The PlayStation 4 has many games, but one thing it lacks is a helicopter flying simulator. This appears to be changing, as our writer Ryan reports. Very soon, PS4 owners will be able to pilot the "Flying Tank" (or, Mi-24 Hind Assault Helicopter) in Air Missions: Hind. If this upcoming title is of interest, then check out Ryan's article.

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