Weekly News Roundup Issue #24

In this week’s news roundup, we have a few big announcements from the world of gaming. It’s a week that has proven the Switch is still the coolest kid on the block as we’ve enjoyed reviewing yet another spectacular title for the platform. If you’re new around here, we release weekly news roundups for the convenience of our readers in this busy day and age, scooping up the hottest scoops from the prior week to keep you posted.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24

Valve Is Back In The Saddle

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Valve

It may be easy for anyone to say Steam head, Gabe Newell is resting on his laurels after creating the biggest online marketplace for PC games on the planet. The man makes money in his sleep, after all. That’s not to suggest the big corporation behind Steam, Valve, is also resting on its laurels. Take a look at our quick news shot for Gabe Newell’s jealous thoughts on the current state of Nintendo and how he intends to replicate in due time. 

Kentucky Route Zero Is Weird And Wonderful

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Kentucky Route Zero

Did Kentucky Route Zero pass you by as well? It hasn’t had the exposure that it probably deserves. This heavily artistic game clearly draws inspiration from such moody tales as Limbo or Inside. Although, when you peel back the surface and put a little more time into understanding just what this game is, it could mean a whole lot more to you. We’re here to help you along that learning process with our coverage, which shines a light on aspects of this curious title where others have not. 

We’ll Be Waiting A Little Longer For Code Vein

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Code Vein

If you’re still not aware of what Code Vein is or why you should be excited for it, fix that now by checking out our Code Vein page here at KeenGamer. Fans of Legacy of Kain, Dark Souls or Bloodborne; heck even just anime fans should be hyped for this one. In our coverage, we’re here to let you know when to expect it’s arrival which is now a fair bit later than the previously expected September 2017. Chill! It’ll be a polished gem when it gets here. 

Mario Smashes It Out Of The Park Yet Again

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Mario Tennis Aces

As far as enduring gaming characters go, Mario is the undisputed champion of all gaming time. Even your grandma who wonders if emails get sent on a Sunday knows what Mario is. For good reason! In this week’s top rated review, Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch got top marks as the Italian plumber continues to enjoy success. See for yourself why it got this dime of a score.

Forget Destiny. Warframe Is Where It’s At

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Warframe TennoCon

That may be a bit of an opinionated headline but check any YouTube video talking about Destiny, look in the comments and it’s garaunteed you’ll see comments along the lines of “LOL just play Warframe.” There’s good reason for this. The game has been worked on and lovingly updated by Digital Extremes consistently ever since its release in 2013. People didn’t think much of it back then. Although after this many years with each update being bigger and better than the last, things are reaching epic proportions, much like Warframe’s player count. This week, we covered the crazy announcements at this year’s TennoCon that continue the trend and have fans jumping for joy. 

Black Ops 4 Beta Is On The Way

Weekly News Roundup Issue #24 - Black Ops IV

If somehow, you’re still playing Call of Duty and intend to go on playing Call of Duty, this little segment is for you. It’s no secret by now that Black Ops IV is going fully multiplayer and is even trying it’s hand at the Battle Royale format. Thanks a bunch Fortnite. It could be really good though, and the only way we’re going to find out for sure is by playing the Beta when it releases. Check out our coverage for dates, methods of access and details.

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