Weekly News Roundup Issue #23

As of now, we have just about recovered from this year's exciting E3. Here at KeenGamer, it has been yet another week full of compelling gaming news, that will likely appeal to any ebullient gamer.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23

What To Expect From HOI4's Upcoming DLC

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Hearts of Iron IV
For those who have read our review on the most recent Waking the Tiger DLC, it is clear the way Paradox Interactive's wartime strategy is played is evolving and is likely to further adapt in the upcoming DLC. To see our full coverage including a detailed analysis of what is going to be in the Man the Guns DLC alongside a reveal trailer – check out our article.  

Disney Launch New Theme Park App

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Disneyland
If there is one thing we all detest about theme parks, it's waiting in line for the rides. Thankfully in our day and age, we have smartphones and Disney have capitalised on this. Now, if you're in the grounds of a Disney Park, you can download an app that allows you to play mini-games whilst waiting in line for rides. If you would like to read more, see Dmytro's article.  

Battlerite Royale Delayed

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Battlerite
In a world that has gone mad for battle royale's, it should come as no surprise to hear of plans for a 'Battlerite Royale'. However, despite initial controversy, it has now been delayed. To find out why, spend some time reading Jorge's coverage.

EA Showcase Upcoming Battlefront II Content

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Battlefront II
Although player counts have significantly nosedived for Battlefront II, EA are determined to make amends and regain more players. As promised, players will get to see new content from the Clone Wars, as well as new maps and game modes. If you're interested to read more, check out our article.

Valve Have Started To Make And Ship Games Again

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Half-Life
For those who are still waiting for Half-Life 3, there may be some hope. With that, it has been confirmed by our writer Ryan, that Valve have started to produce and ship games again. To read the full details, as well as an official statement from Gabe Newellsee our recent article.

Broforce On The Way To Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #23 - Broforce
The action-packed 2D co-op game Broforce is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Devolve Digital have confirmed. It seems to be yet another company brining there content to the Switch, which is great news for Nintendo fans. See Franz's article for the full details

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