Weekly News Roundup Issue #22

After the initial blast of news on the top games of the future pouring out of this year’s E3, things have finally calmed down a little. To break up your obsessive trailer watching and theorising on these upcoming titles, why not catch up with what we’ve been covering here at KeenGamer? Go on - give your brain a rest.

Take A Step Away From Online

A vast majority of the most popular games coming out these days have one common thread – online. Many games now have an insistence on some kind of connection in order to run. If you’re getting a little tired of this, KeenGamer Editor In Chief Dmytro has your back. Check out his coverage on five single player titles that don’t require an always online connection. Hidden in this article could well be your next favourite story based adventure. 

DDoS Attacks And How To Avoid Them

Just in case you’re perfectly happy with staying online and interacting with other players, Dmytro also has your back. This time, he focuses on the security of your gaming experience as you play online. Over the years, we gamers have had to bear witness to DDoS attacks on games (the Battlefield 1 beta springs to mind) by hackers. There seems to be no reason for these attacks to happen other than the hacker just somehow getting a kick out of ruining a lot of people’s days. Learn all about the nuts and bolts of what a DDoS attack is and how you can protect against them

Epic Games Are Making Heaps of Cash Out Of Your Fortnite Habits 

Recently, we took a look at how Steam has suddenly added a tool for users to find out how much they’ve ever spent there. So it leads us nicely onto another huge platform where many a spend goes down. That’s right – Fortnite. If you’re reading this you probably play Fortnite and you’ve probably cracked and spent on it at some point. In a recent survey by Lendedu, we learned how much the average player blows on emotes and skins… It’s a lot. 

The Current State of Cyberpunk 2077

It’s no secret that many industry insiders got a live demo of Cyberpunk behind the curtains at E3. While CD Projekt Red have stated they’d rather save this kind of reveal for the public to make sure everything is nice and shiny, we’ve heard lots of stories about just how amazing the game will be. As we know from previous E3 demos however, this is not indicative of where the game is in its development lifecycle. Lukasz goes into detail on just where Cyberpunk is in its development timeline and how the rest of the game is shaping up.

Another Switch Title Takes Top Review of The Week

This time around, it’s Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. We reviewed a few titles this week but Donkey Kong’s latest adventures on the Switch topped them all with a cool 9/10. If you’re a Nintendo classics fan, why not take a look at the full review by Stephen to learn just how it’s earned such a high score? 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Buck The Platform Trend

Ever since Red Dead Redemption originally released, the PC audience has been crying out for an official release of their own. After all this time, it’s pretty safe to say it’s not going to happen. However, after a little digging, Jack discovered there may be hope for the upcoming sequel. Take a look at his coverage if you’re a PC owning hopeful.

Tired of PUBG? Give TABG A Try

As the Battle Royale genre now cements itself into the gaming industry, it seems we just can’t get away from it. More and more games offering the style that PUBG heralded in the first place are springing up. It’s getting to the point that it can be hard to choose what will work for you. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is one of the stronger contenders. So if you’ve been eyeing this one up, take a look at our Intro Guide to get you started.