Weekly News Roundup Issue #21

With E3 2018 now over, we can look forward to the releases of some of the fantastic games announced. With that, it has been yet another interesting week for the gaming journalist, with a new map for PUBG to a new tool that allows you to see how much money you have spent on Steam. This weeks content most definitely has everything to satisfy gamer-induced zeals.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21

What To Expect From PUBG's New Map

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - PUBG
After several weeks of testing, PUBG's third map Sanhok alongside a new patch, is now out. However, the new map is very much different to other two maps of Erangel and Miramar. Therefore, in order to find out what you can expect from Sanhok, check out our coverage from earlier this week. 

The Fall Of Command And Conquer

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - Command and Conquer
In a compelling opinion article, Luan talks about how Command and Conquer was once the leading real-time strategy title and how it was brought down by the intemperate EA politicians. So, if you're interested in getting an insightful history into this title, then Luan's article is definitely for you.

Devil May Cry Returns

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - Devil May Cry
After a surprise E3 announcement, Devil May Cry is now officially returning after four tedious years of development. The upcoming title will focus on the Sons of Sparda storyline, with Nero out the helm. If you're interested in further details, take some time to read Keith's article.

Find Out How Much You Have Spent On Steam

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - Steam
Most gamers on Steam will have likely spent a penny or two across the years. However, you can now see exactly how much money you have spent on your account with Valve’s External Funds Used tool. With this, if you would like to see an in depth analysis of the new tool alongside the GDPR regulations of it all, see Nick's coverage.

PlayStation Discount Some Great Titles

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - Uncharted 4: A Thieves End
If you're looking for some great PlayStation titles to play over the summer, then check out Ryan's coverage of the PlayStation Hits sale. Games such as Uncharted 4: A Thieves End and Project CARS are now discounted for a limited time only. In addition, PlayStation have announced that they are likely to add games to the sale – so keep a close eye out on future coverage of the unmissable sale.  

Fortnite's PS4 Cross-play Problem Isn't Going Away

Weekly News Roundup Issue #21 - Fortnite
It's a well known fact that Sony hold a confusing position when it comes to cross-play, which has led to many Switch players being unable to log into their Fortnite accounts on PS4. Despite this, recent interviews have suggested that this problem is unlikely to go away any time soon. To see the full details, see Nick's interesting article.  

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