Weekly News Roundup Issue #20

The last week has been an incredibly busy one for the gaming journalist. Readers likely need not reminding that E3 2018 has now come and gone and our keyboards are still warm from the furious typing that followed it. Among the deafening noise of gaming news explosions emanating from the expo, we managed to review a few games and catch some lesser known news for you to tune into.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20

E3 2018 And Looking To The Future

This year, E3 seemed like a little less of an explosion of surprises as many games were revealed or leaked before we got to see them properly revealed. As a result, seeing them in action just seemed to have a bit less of an impact. Taking the whole of E3 into account, how did you feel about it this year? Sean takes a look at the conference as a whole and shares his thoughts. 

Narrowing down a little, you may prefer to check out our coverage on:

Or check out our coverage on the big boys:

KeenGamer’s Top Games of E3

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20 - Top Games of E3

After all that coverage, it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Which games should you really commit to memory? Which ones to grab on release day? While you may not totally agree with our roundup of standout titles from E3, our Top Games selection may help you out with what is for many gamers, a bit of a brain aneurysm post-E3.

Nintendo Takes A Small Knock After E3

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20 - Nintendo takes a hit

While on the outside, we see lavish presentations at E3. All lights, fancy talks and hopefully, not forced applause. Whatever you may have thought of Nintendo’s Switch conference this year, it seems the gaming giant has walked into a little setback in the wake of E3. After leaving fans with a plethora of unanswered questions, Nintendo’s share prices suddenly dropped as a result

Fortnite Continues To Be Demonised In The Media

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20 - The Fortnite Kids of '18

In the quiet little moments among the hubbub of E3, it suddenly occurred to me just how much flak Fortnite has been receiving in the wider media. Thinking a little more deeply about the subject, it was clear to see a communcational divide between the non-gamers on the TV and the people actually playing Fortnite. As the phenomenon continues to expand with no signs of slowing, it was bound to get a bit of negative attention. Take a look at my in depth look at a new way to understand the gamers getting demonised in the media, and how the game itself is never the root of the problem.

Cyberpunk Will Likely Blow Up Your PC

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20 - Cyberpunk specs

It’s no secret that the power divide in hardware between consoles and PCs is large. One thing the master race gets to enjoy more than the mere mortal console gamers, is pushing their games to the absolute visual limit. If they have the power. After hearing reports from behind closed doors about how Cyberpunk is the most insanely detailed open world ever made (and let’s be honest – CD Projekt Red are good for it), it’s easy to wonder just how god like your PC will need to be to support it. In our coverage, we take a look at all the reasons you’ll be looking at Amazon for new computer parts if Cyberpunk is something you want to play on PC. 

House Flipper Is Deceptively Good

Weekly News Roundup Issue #20 - House Flipper

You may have seen House Flipper floating about on Steam sales pages from time to time since its recent release. You see a fairly inocuous looking title that promises the satisfaction of taking a run-down home and juicing up back to sellable glory. It would likely not appeal to the action junkies out there. Although, given how House Flipper was last week’s highest scoring review at KeenGamer, even they may want to check out our review. 

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