Weekly News Roundup Issue #19

It has been yet another busy week in the gaming industry. So, to ensure you have not missed any of the great content here at KeenGamer, we have prepared another handy news roundup of some of the best news stories of the week. This week in particular includes some interesting news regarding Battlefield V and an announcement that will most definitely excite Halo fans.

Halo Infinite Teased

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - Halo Infinite
Master Chief's next journey in the Halo franchise has been announced at this years E3. If you would like to take a greater look at the details we know far (including an announcement trailer) be sure to check out Nate's recent article

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC Trailer

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - Far Cry 5
Most gamers would agree that Far Cry and the Vietnam War is a combination destined for epicness. If you agree, then the new 'Hours of Darkness' DLC for Far Cry 5 may be the thing just for you. If you're interested, check out our coverage on the launch trailer – including some brief details regarding the contents of the expansion.  

Telltale's The Walking Dead Has A Release Date

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - Telltale's The Walking Dead
Since it was first released back in 2012, Telltale's most popular franchise, The Walking Dead, is coming into its final season. Now, with an emtional E3 trailer showcasing what we can expect from the upcoming title, an offical release date has been announced – see our article giving the details.

New Battlerite Update

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - Battlerite
Are you a Battlerite fan? If so, then check out Jorge's detailed and extensive coverage of the recent 1.6.1 patch for the game. It is clear that the patch includes some much needed fixes that will ensure the game runs better and more effectively. 

Battlefield V Will Feature A Batte Royale Mode

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - Battlefield V
In April, we wrote about rumors regarding the development of a Battle Royale mode for the highly-anticpated Battlefield V. Now, our writer David has confirmed that the game will indeed have this mode – so spend some time reading his coverage if this catches your fancy.

EA Play Summary

Weekly News Roundup Issue #19 - EA Play
E3 is here again where gamers across the world wait for news and updates regarding their favourite titles. Publishers EA have made a whole heap of announcements. With this, Sean has prepared a review EA Play so if you're not caught up yet – now is your chance. 

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