Weekly News Roundup Issue #18

Welcome to the latest in your weekly digest of gaming news. For newcomers, our Weekly News Roundup is all about capturing the biggest news we’ve covered here at Keen Gamer which we personally believe will offer something a little different to our readers. We like to weigh in on the latest controversies and catch intriguing news that could go under the radar for many. This week, it’s all about the continuing tyranny of microtransactions, ladies on the battlefield, great new indies and a crowdfunded console that may take the games industry by surprise one day.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18

Atari Opens Up Preorders For Their Surprise Console

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - New Atari

Many believe Atari’s crowdfunded success has yet to see a day of crushing disappointment. Though, if we’ve learned anything from this industry one thing may be impossible one day and the next – a roaring success. Time will only tell how Atari’s brave new venture will really pan out. If it intrigues you in the slightest, check out our coverage on what to expect with Atari’s new line of preorder options. 

The Death Of Pokémon Is Never Going To Happen

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - Gotta catch 'em all

Many of us have fond memories of playing Pokémon in black and white on our Gameboys on the bus home from school. Many more have memories of high stakes card games while the teachers weren’t looking. Many of us have grown up now and… Pokémon could well still be a part of our lives. With no signs of slowing in momentum, the never ending quest to catch ‘em all, enslave them in interdimensional spheres and make them beat each other up continues. Its latest new breath of life can soon be found on the Switch.

Omensight Is This Week’s Top Review

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - Omensight

Omensight is an indie title that is frankly lovely to look at. Although, its cel-shaded and mystical fantasy setting are not all Omensight has to offer. With great gameplay comes great experiences and Omensight is last week’s most highly regarded game, here at KeenGamer. To check out the real meat and potatoes of why our reviewer Jacob likes it so much, head over to his review. Then buy the game! 

EA Has Done It Again

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - Battlefield V

Poor DICE just want to make a great game that everybody loves. Once upon a time, they could do that with effortless ease. However, it’s becoming painfully apparent that there are certain things coming out of EA’s focus test built pie charts that make their way into games many purists just aren’t going to appreciate. Like skewing accurate portrayals of history for… demographic inclusion? The hottest debate right now is “should there be a woman with a prosthetic arm fighting in a World War 2 game by DICE?” Our coverage seeks to answer that question as well as the many other complaints found in heated YouTube comment sections. 

Raiders Of The Broken Economy

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - Raiders of The Broken Planet

After last weekend’s celebratory free release of Raiders of The Broken Planet, we played a bit. It is honestly a great game. Fun and addictive to boot. What’s holding this game back from becoming one of the big boys like Warframe and Overwatch? You guessed it – microtransactions. Here you were, thinking the plan for Battlefront II was greedy. After checking our coverage of Raiders of The Broken Planet’s microtransaction economy, you’ll think twice about just how much these greedy publishers must be holding back… Because Mercurysteam did not. Take a look if you’re in the mood to be utterly flabbergasted by what true insidious greed really looks like. 

Owlboy Continues To Get People Hyped 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #18 - Owlboy

You’re likely not one of those hyped people. Owlboy has its pool of dedicated fans from which to draw its success. That pool of fans is not large. However, those who have played the game that was ten years in the making, have nothing but praise for it. It has in fact, enjoyed enough success to be physically distributed on the Switch and PS4. That’s pretty good going for an indie game. So if you want to learn more, check out our coverage and watch a trailer for what to expect if you’re new to the delights of Owlboy

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