Weekly News Roundup Issue #17

Over the last week here at KeenGamer, we’ve seen a larger than normal influx of gaming news. There has been a lot going on and plenty of things to talk about as we approach this year’s E3. Check out the following content for our top picks of last week's gaming news and stay up to date on the hottest goings on.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17

We’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer For Metro: Exodus

The third and final game in the Metro trilogy has been delayed. It’s set to see Artyom and Anya travelling far in an attempt to escape their mother land and find a new life. We saw footage for what to expect at last year’s E3 – a trailer that has captured the attention of many, regardless of whether they’re familiar with the series or not. Take a look at our coverage on what Deep Silver has to say about the delay. In case you missed it, you can check out Metro: Exodus’ amazing reveal trailer below.

Physical Vita Games Are No More

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - PS Vita

Yet another seeming unprofitable niche of gaming has met its end. Sony has seen fit to cease production of physical copies of PlayStation Vita games. While gamers shouldn’t be too worried as all titles remain available for digital purchase, this is still a shame. Are you sad that you can no longer collect physical copies of Vita games? 

Monster Hunter Film Is On The Way

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Monster Hunter

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World has turned out to be the Japanese publisher’s most profitable game ever made. It’s hardly any wonder then, that a feature film has been announced. Milla Jovovich is confirmed for a role and the Monster Hunter movie is going to be directed by Resi film director Paul W. S. Anderson. Take a look at our coverage for more on the film that is still a long way off. 

Platinum Is Cooking Up A New Franchise

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Bayonetta

Platinum is known for creating such games as Nier: Automata and Bayonetta. They are well known for building capable and frantic combat systems. They also release game very few and far between, usually to critical acclaim. To learn that they’re working on something altogether new is great news. 

Speaking of New Franchises…

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Insomnia: The Ark

This week, KeenGamer was sent a press release for the wonderful surprise that is Insomnia: The Ark. Fans of Fallout, Bioshock or just RPG games in general should be lining up to wait for this one. If a richly detailed sci-fi world, combined with deep lore and quintessential RPG systems appeals to you, take a look at our reveal article to learn all you need to know. 

Forgotton Anne Has Arrived

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Forgotton Anne

The highly anticipated Forgotton Anne finally released last week. It also claims the position of our most highly rated review of the week, followed closely by Spacejacked. Forgotton Anne is a special game as it was developed by a small studio yet that didn’t stop ThroughLine Games completely hand animating it. With a distinct Studio Ghibli style, Forgotton Anne is a must for the indie gamer looking for something genuinely refreshing. Check out our review to get an understanding of how it rates so highly. 

Rage 2 Is Going To Rock

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Rage 2

Rage 2 enjoyed two new trailers last week in an announcement surprise. You can check them both out in our coverage, which examines why Gearbox should be a little worried about Rage 2 beating them to the announcement punch. We also take a look at all the reasons why we think Rage 2 will be more than just a capable game but something special as well. 

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is The Newest Diablo-Style Surprise

Weekly News Roundup Issue #17 - Kingmaker

Last week we were contacted by Owlcat Games and offered a pre alpha early access to their upcoming game Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Some of our readers may be familiar with the name as this game is based on the tabletop game of the same name. Kingmaker is an incredibly deep RPG for gamers who understand the isometric RPG niche. Take a look at our preview piece to get an idea for how the game is shaping up, what work has yet to be done and our overall impressions.

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