Weekly News Roundup Issue #16

As we approach the start of yet another week, it is once again that time where we look at some of the best bits from the news in the gaming industry this week. Although there has been some fantastic articles this week, it has undeniably been a quiet one. As a result, this weeks news roundup contains only four news stories as opposed to the usual six.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #16

Five More God Of War Games Planned

Weekly News Roundup Issue #16 - God of War
It has become apparent that the recently released title, God of War, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the game's creator, Cory Barlog, has reveled that five more games will make their way into the fan-favorite franchise. For the full details, check out our coverage from earlier this week.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

Weekly News Roundup Issue #16 - Red Dead Redemption 2
Despite the rave reviews for God of War, there seems to be little disagreement to the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most highly anticipated title of 2018. With this, Rockstar have treated fans to a new trailer this week, that showcases how the upcoming title will be a little different from the first installment, which was released back in 2010. If you're interested in seeing the new trailer, or want to see our brief analysis on the topic see our article.

The Forest Gets One Last Update Prior To Release

Weekly News Roundup Issue #16 - The Forest
Although The Forest has received mixed reviews since it was release on Steam Early Access in 2014, the developers have released one final update before it was fully released in late April. If you would like to see the patch details and the new trailer, Ryan's article may be worth some time.

Infinty War Easter Eggs In God Of War

Weekly News Roundup Issue #16 - Avengers Easter Egg
Yes, this may indeed be another God of War orientated article, but it is most definitely one of the most stupendous articles from this week. Zach's article talks about the easter egg that is centered around the release of the new Avengers movie. If want to see what it actually is, or how to see it – check out the article.

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