Weekly News Roundup Issue #12

As yet another week draws closer to end, it's time again to look at the biggest news stories from the gaming industry this week. Similar to last week, things seemed to have calmed down after a hectic start to the year, but there is still some great stories for the enthusiastic gamer.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12

Spyro Trilogy Officially Confirmed

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - Spyro the Dragon
Since The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, rumors of a Spyro The Dragon Remastered Edition began to transpire. With this, it has now been officially confirmed, as Spyro The Dragon will return on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 21st 2018. Check out Ryan's article for the full coverage. 

War Thunder Celebrates 100 Years Of The Royal Air Force]

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - War Thunder
It has now been over one-hundred years since the world famous British Royal Air Force was formed, and the team over at War Thunder decided to celebrate in style. To see how you can take part in the limited-time events, you can check out our article from earlier in the week. 

Far Cry 5 Makes More Money Than Black Panther

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - Far Cry 5
Most gamers would agree that the Far Cry franchise is by far one of the most renowned Ubisoft titles. However, in Nick's article this week, it highlights how successful Far Cry is for Ubisoft – with it making more money than the highly-popular blockbuster Black Panther. Be sure to check out the article for the full details. 

Fortnite Available On iOS

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - Fortnite
Regardless of what you think of Fortnite, it seems to be very obvious that it is giving PUBG a good run for its money. Now, iOS owners can play Fortnite on the go – interested? If you are, Ryan's article may be worth you time. 

New God Of War Trailer Released

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - God of War
With the release of the highly-anticipated title, God of War, swiftly approaching, the developers of the game have released an awesome gameplay trailer. If you want to see more details and the trailer itself, once again Ryan's article seems to be the place for you. 

New Rocket League Update For Nintendo Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #12 - Rocket League
If you're a fan of Rocket League, Zach's article may be for you. The most recent update has added a whole heap of new features to the game, particularly for owners of the increasingly popular Nintendo Switch title. 

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