Weekly News Roundup Issue #11

After an explosive start to the year, the last week has finally seen things calm down a little. What goes up must come down eventually, right? Regardless, we’ve seen the release of a great game and the games industry continues to pop some surprises out of its sleeve.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11

Telltale Games Are Not Done With The Walking Dead

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 -TWD Season 3

After the cliffhanger ending of Telltale’s well received The Walking Dead: Season 2, anybody could be forgiven for thinking it would either come to an end or cook up some new crazy story for us to enjoy. Turns out, it’s the latter of the two options as, earlier this week, Telltale Games revealed a piece of teaser art for Season 3. Walking Dead fans, stumble over to our coverage for more information. 

The Next Round of PS Plus Games Have Arrived

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - Mad Max

As time goes on, the PS Plus free game offerings seem to be getting better and better. This month is no exception as we’re treated to the criminally underrated open world Mad Max game. Check out our coverage for full details on what to expect this month. 

The Last of Us: Part 2 Seems To Be Making Progress

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - The Last of Us 2

After an interview with Nolan North and Troy Baker, all things Last of Us 2 journalism has lit up like a Christmas tree. According to Baker, the game has completed its first playtest. While the final result is still a long way off, it’s great to hear a voice actor from the ambitious Naughty Dog project say something positive about a title we’re all excited for. For more details and the interview itself, take a look at our coverage and stay up to date on The Last of Us: Part II

Far Cry 5 Has Finally Arrived

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - Far Cry 5

The spectacular and sometimes controversial cult killing open world game has finally arrived. We’ve taken a good look at Far Cry 5's microtransaction system and have been happy to report that it won’t mess with your playthrough whatsoever. We’ve also got an ongoing review for this massive so be sure to check out our thoughts so far. 

Ark Park Is Here To Surprise You 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - Ark Park

While most of us would consider Ark: Survival Evolved’s success to have been enough for publisher Studio Wildcard, it would come as a surprise to see the arrival of a VR spinoff. Ark Park is all about managing your own park of dino craziness. Take a look at our coverage to learn more about this surprise VR title. 

hellblade Becomes Available to More Than Just PS4 and PC Players

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - Hellbalde Xbox One

The spectacular Ninja Theory hit of last year, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is coming to Xbox One. After Ninja Theory enjoyed tons of financial success with last year’s PS4 and PC players enjoying the Pagan / Viking epic in their millions, the game will now be available to Xbox One owners. A must buy product for anyone who’s missed out so far. So check out our coverage on when to expect it on the Xbox marketplace, as well as our review from last year. 

Defunct Kickstarter project, the good life makes a return

Weekly News Roundup Issue #11 - The Good Life
From the people who brought us the delightfully cheesy Deadly Premonition, The Good Life failed its initial Kickstarter goal. Although, coming out swinging for round two, it looks like the game has received a hefty graphical overhaul. White Owls Inc. are doing their best to make The Good Life a success a second time around with shiny new graphics and a whacky murder mystery to boot. Take a look at our coverage to learn more about this intriguingly artsy game. 

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