Weekly News Roundup Issue #105

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. This week we have fresh news on the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and its many games like Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Spider-Man Miles Morales along with showcases from PC Gamer Show and much more.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #105

KeenGamer weekly news is a series of articles designed to bring you the hottest gaming and pop culture related news. Each news is presented in a bite-sized format and will lead you to the original source of the news if you want to find out more details.

The PlayStation 5 has been fully revealed

The PlayStation 5 Reveal

The PlayStation 5 looks sleek and futuristic

We’ve finally laid our eyes on the beautiful beast that is the PlayStation 5. As predicted, the appearance of the console is in line with the already revealed Dual Sense controller. That entails sleek, curved lines along with a color scheme featuring mainly white color, along with a bit of black and blue for good measure. The design is definitely futuristic and the console has already been deemed as the best looking next-gen piece of hardware.

The PS5 will come in two versions – one featuring a disk drive and one without one for a fully digital experience. The presentation had the console standing vertically, which prompted some concern but Sony soon clarified that it can also lay down horizontally and work without issues. While many consider the presentation a complete success, the conversation quickly shifted to the fact that no information has been given about the pricing. This sparked many conspiracy theories about Sony keeping it a secret due to how high it actually is but it’s more likely they are just waiting for Microsoft to show their hands first. You can go here to check what our Andrew Highton thought of the reveal.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is a standalone game, sort of

Spider-Man Miles Morales Reveal

A stand-alone Spider-Man chapter

Many were surprised to see a new Spider-Man game announced for the PS5 so relatively soon after the original. The reveal trailer was vague on what sort of experience Spider-Man Miles Morales would be and the confusion prompted Sony and Insomniac to set the record straight. They clarified that the game builds on the existing framework of the original to bring a stand-alone story of Miles Morales. Besides the story, this entails a massively improved graphical engine powered by the PS5 as well as new gameplay mechanics. Insomniac compared the scope of the game to Uncharted Lost Legacy but also called it a transitional title. While we advise keeping your expectations in check, we nevertheless have no doubt this will be an awesome experience. For more info on the game as well as the full reveal trailer, check out our original news coverage.

Horizon Forbidden West was the best game reveal of the PS5 event

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West looks amazing

Horizon Zero Dawn was probably one of, if not the best PlayStation 4 exclusive so it’s no wonder there’s much excitement regarding the sequel. While we’ve known it was in the works for some time, the PlayStation 5 event gave us the first look. Titled Horizon Forbidden West, it will once again star the beloved Alloy. The reveal featured a trailer that completely blew us away and featured a lush open world of post-apocalyptic California beset by machines and tribes vying for control. Notable locations seen in the trailer include a ruined San Francisco and the Yosemite Valley. There wasn’t any talk about when exactly the game will release but we literally can’t wait. For more info and the full reveal trailer, check out our original news coverage.

EA announces Star Wars: Squadrons after an accidental reveal

Star Wars Squadrons

A surprise nostalgia-fueled reveal

After a new Star Wars game was accidentally leaked on Microsoft’s Xbox website, EA has come out to make a full-blown announcement. Star Wars: Squadrons is 5v5 starfighter dogfighting game with both multiplayer and single-player modes. The game takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star on Endor and will allow a massive amount of customization of both the pilot’s and ship’s functional and cosmetic aspects. What’s more, the game will feature cross-play between Xbox One, the PC and the PS4 as well as a full VR mode for the latter two. For more information on the game, its release date as well as a look at the release trailer, check out our original news coverage.

PC Gaming Show presented over 50 new games

PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show showcased a huge number of games

While it was a bit overshadowed by the PlayStation 5 event, the PC Gaming Show was still a strong showcase. We got the first-ever look at some games in action, some reveals as well as some additional showcases of known games. While most of the games out of some 50 that were showcased were smaller in scope and budget, we also got treated to some info about games like Godfall, Mafia Remake, Torchlight 3, and New World. The event kept a more grounded, cozy tone as opposed to the more corporate showcases we’ve seen earlier this year. To see all the most notable announcements and their trailers, check out our original coverage of the event.

Torchlight 3 and GTA 5 are under fire from the gaming community

Torchlight 3 Mostly Negative

Torchlight 3 is getting torched over on Steam

GTA 5 was a part of the PlayStation 5 reveal event. Why? Because Rockstar are once again releasing another port of the 7-year old game for the next-gen console. This will mark the game appearing on the third consecutive generation of hardware without any significant additions that are somewhat expected of re-releases. What’s more, the re-release tells the gaming community that GTA 6 is still far off from seeing the light of day. The trailer, which you can check out here, currently stands at around 100k dislikes as opposed to only 50k likes with many humorous comments dotting the comment section

When it comes to Torchlight 3, the game released to Steam Early Access not long after its PC Gaming Show showcase. After only a couple of days reviews starter pouring in and the game currently stands at “Mostly negative” reviews which is just a step above the worst possible rating on Steam. The main criticism in many reviews seems to be the fact that its gameplay and the mechanics are akin to a freemium mobile game. There doesn’t seem to be any build potential, the gear is sub-par and the systems in place are very limiting in every aspect. For more information about Torchlight 3 and a couple of user reviews listing the game’s problems, check out our original news coverage.

Baldur’s Gate 3 August Early Access release is not certain

Baldurs Gate 3 Early Access

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one

As part of the Guerrilla Games Showcase, Larian Studios announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to Early Access on Steam sometime this August. Since then, they stated that COVID-19 slowed them down significantly which might make them not being able to hit that August date. It’s not all bad though. Since it’s the initial showcase, the game has received improvements to graphics and gameplay. A fact that will be fully showcased during the D&D Live event on June 18. For more information on Baldur’s Gate and the latest developer update, check out our original news coverage.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a next-gen comeback for the franchise

Ratchet Clank Rift Apart Reveal

Probably among the best and most fun looking games of the show

The PlayStation 5 reveal event showcased many awesome new games but only a few were as awesome as the new Ratchet & Clank game. Not only do our favorite Lombax and his mechanical friend look better than ever, but it also seems like they’ll be embarking on their biggest adventure yet. As the name suggests, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will see our heroes separated across the dimensions which will allow Insomniac to introduce new playable characters and a plethora of exciting new worlds to explore. While we don’t know very many details, the game probably had the most impressive trailer of the entire showcase, which is a real achievement considering other games that were revealed. You can check what we know as well as the full reveal in our original news coverage.

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