Weekly News Roundup Issue #102

This is your latest Weekly News Roundup. This week we have fresh news straight from Sony's State of Play as well as new info on the PlayStation 5, Valorant, Christopher Nolan's Tenet, Blizzcon, and more.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #102

KeenGamer weekly news is a series of articles designed to bring you the hottest gaming and pop culture related news. Each news is presented in a bite-sized format and will lead you to the original source of the news if you want to find out more details.

PlayStation 5 will be the definition of blast processing

PlayStation 5 100 times faster than PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5 is 100 times faster than PlayStation 4

The next-generation of gaming consoles is just around the corner. Every day we get new info on how amazing it will be thanks to the powerful hardware backing it up. The latest one is once again about the blazing speed of PlayStation 5‘s SSD. According to Sony, it will actually be about 100 times faster than the hard drive in the PlayStation 4. Sony has thus shifted the entire gaming tech conversation from pure CPU and GPU power to that of the speed of memory. While it might not be as revolutionary as Sony’s marketing is trying to spin it, it will definitely be a giant leap for console gaming going forward. For more information on the currently known technical capabilities of the PlayStation 5, check out our original news coverage. A full reveal of the console is rumored to be coming on June 3rd so we probably won’t have to wait for long to see what this beast is fully capable of.

State of Play showcased The Last of Us: Part II gameplay

State of Play Last of Us Part II Gameplay

The sequel is definitely going to be a worthwhile experience

Review copies our out and the release of the Last of Us: Part II is just around the corner. With that in mind, Sony gave us what is probably the last showcase of the game before everyone can enjoy it for themselves. During their State of Play event, 25-minute of footage was shown featuring a combination of cutscenes and gameplay with the emphasis on the latter. As per the footage shown, the focus of the game is still going to be the emotionally gripping story with familiar characters. On the gameplay side of things, we saw a lot of action stealth segments, some scavenging and gear upgrading as well as smart usage of the larger game environments. It’s definitely shaping up to be one hell of a ride. Hopefully, you managed to avoid all the spoilers and are, like us, patiently waiting to experience the game on your own terms. Until then, you can check out the full State of Play showcase here.

Is the next Saint’s Row installment coming in 2021?

Saint's Row 5 Rumored for 2021

Third Street Saints making a comeback in 2021

Saint’s Row 3 Remastered just released prompting many to wonder if THQ is trying to renew the interest in the franchise for an inevitable sequel. Well, according to the Embracer Group, which is the parent company of THQ Nordic – they have two AAA games lined up for a 2021 release. The Embracer Group currently has around 69 projects in active development and while they do have many franchises under their umbrella, Saint’s Row is definitely one of the most recognizable. The entire company is doing exceptionally well when it comes to finances so hopefully, we’ll see the return of Third Street Saints soon enough without all those superpowers and aliens nonsense. For more information on these rumors and predictions, do check our original coverage.

Valorant’s release is just around the corner

Valorant release is just around the corner

Valorant is set to take over the competitive scene

If you are one of the people who couldn’t be bothered to watch Valorant streams for a chance of the key dropping – you’re in luck. Riot has announced that the full free to play version of Valorant will be released on June 2nd. Even better for those just starting, the players who participated in the beta will have all of their records erased and will start from zero. Upon release, Valorant will have three maps and 10 agents to choose from with Riot promising constant updates down the line. Time will tell if it will be as popular in competitive circles like CS:GO, which is its main inspiration. For more information on the release of Valorant and details about the game – check out our original news coverage.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet makes Inception look like an afternoon stroll

Christopher Nolan's Tenet looks mindboggling

Tenet is shaping to be another mindbending movie experience

If there’s one thing you can expect from an original Christopher Nolan film it’s the unexpected. The super-talented writer and producer blew us away with his take on the caped crusader as well as with the mind-bending Inception and thought-provoking Interstellar. But now, with his latest movie named Tenet – it seems like he decided to dial things up to 11. The trailer for the movie premiered inside Fortnite and is one of those that raises more questions than answers, despite showcasing a great deal of footage from different points in the movie. All we know is that there’s some sort of localized time travel happening and that’s about it. You can check it out and see if you can make any sense of it in our original news coverage.

A new Sherlock Holmes game has been revealed

A next-gen Sherlock Holmes game revealed

Open-world next-gen Sherlock? Yes, please

A new Sherlock Holmes game is officially in the works, and will release on PC as well as next-generation consoles. Titled Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will center around the early years of the detective’s life and will be set in an open-world just outside of London. The players will have a substantial amount of freedom to solve cases and will be able to utilize disguises to blend in and sneak into buildings or previously restricted areas. For the full trailer and more details on this highly interesting game, check out our original news coverage.

Blizzcon 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19

Blizzcon 2020 canceled due to COVID-19

Another one bites the COVID-19 dust

Even though the COVID-19 situation is somewhat waning, many live events around the world are still getting delayed or outright canceled. Blizzcon 2020 is the latest victim with its executive producer, Saralyn Smith, stating that the event will be completely canceled for this year due to health and safety reasons. Currently, there’s no plan for a digital equivalent of the event, but Blizzard has expressed intention to bring the conference earlier in 2021. For more information on the cancellation and upcoming stuff from Blizzard, check out our original news coverage.


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