Weekly News Roundup Issue #10

It's been another action-packed news week here at KeenGamer. So, come and get your concise weekly roundup of the news in the gaming industry this week. From a tribute to the late Professor Stephen Hawking to Modern Warfare 2 Remastered news - this week has everything for the gaming enthusiast.

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10

Professor Hawking Gets A Deserved Tribute

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - Stephen Hawking

The late Cambridge University Professor, Stephen Hawking, will definitely go down as one of histories greatest minds. From his theories on black holes, to dark predictions of robot-takeovers in the future, Professor Hawking has made his mark on this earth. The community in Elite: Dangerous organised an epic tribute to Hawking, so if you're interested in seeing how Stephen Hawking was honoured in the gaming community, check out David's article

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Will Miss Something Quite Big

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
After the recent confirmation of the futuristic-themed Black Ops 4, a lot of players will be pleased to hear that the remastered edition of Modern Warfare 2 is coming out soon. However, before your hopes get to high, the game will reportedly not have multiplayer. To find out more, see our article to obtain the up-to-date details.  

PUBG Mobile Is Now Live On Android And iOS

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - PUBG Mobile
The gaming sensation from 2017 is still expanding. Now, you can play PUBG on Android and iOS. The mobile version of the game is getting fairly positive reviews at the moment. Therefore, if you want some more details including where to get the game from – check out our recent article from earlier this week. 

Important Far Cry 5 Information Before Purchase

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - Far Cry 5
The release of the highly-anticipated Ubisoft title Far Cry 5 is swiftly approaching. With a release date of March 27th 2018, you should check out Nick's article, which gives you some essential details about the game before you purchase.  

Castle Of Heart Now On Nintendo Switch

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - Castle of Heart

The time has come to prove yourself a knight! Nintendo Switch owners can obtain the classic action performer, Castle of Heart, on their consoles. If you want to see more details, alongside the launch trailer, be sure to spend some time looking at Dmytro's article. Alternatively, you can check out our review of the game.

2018 Plans For Sonic

Weekly News Roundup Issue #10 - Tails
From David's article this week, it is evident the Sonic team have some ambitious plans for 2018. The article showcases the upcoming Sonic Racing game, a collaboration with the sportswear brand Puma, and Sonic Mania Plus. So, if you're a big Sonic fan, I recommend checking out the article.  

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