Weekly News Roundup Issue #1

Here we are at the very first of KeenGamer’s Weekly News Roundups. A quick shot of news to the brain that gathers together the four most important gaming news topics of the week. If you missed anything from the games industry in the last week, you’re in the right place to catch up. Stay up to date and read on!

The Nintendo Switch Continues To Dominate 

Weekly News Roundup Issue #1 - Nintendo Labo
It’s fair to say the heights of success the Nintendo Switch reached last caught everyone by surprise. Although it has started Nintendo’s latest console generation with a bang. Great first party titles have propped it up well so far. In case you missed it, Nintendo surprised us all over again with their latest darling project, the Nintendo Labo. Joshua Comire goes into more detail on what you can expect from the console / cardboard compatible toys. 

Trouble In Paradise For Quantic Dream

Weekly News Roundup Issue #1 - Quantic Dream troubles
Quantic Dream is a developer held near and dear for many gamers out there. They put themselves on the map with Heavy Rain and went on to create tech demos for Sony in order to advertise their consoles. With such a close partnership with tech giant, we all assumed Quantic Dream’s reputation would go untarnished. Yet, new allegations have arisen from ex-employees and David Cage’s renowned development studio has been taken to task by several French publications. I have written in more detail on exactly what these allegations are, and what Cage has to say about it. 

PUBG Continues To Build On Its Console Foundation

Weekly News Roundup Issue #1 - PUBG Xbox Update
If you’re an Xbox One owner and have jumped on the PUBG hype train, there’s a chance you’ve experienced a few things. Great gameplay, yes. But also perhaps jarring frame rates and hilarious glitches. PUBG did not get a pretty console release as YouTube will likely tell you. Yet, its developers remain committed to patches and updates. Of course, the latest update is not a total fix but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Jack Ulyatt goes into more detail on the improvements you can expect. 

More Information Trickles Out For Vampyre

Weekly News Roundup Issue #1 - Vampyr webseries
Vampyr has been on many a gamer’s radar for quite some time now. Although, information on the game has been drip fed to the public little by little over the past few years. The action horror RPG looks like intriguing enough, for sure. If you’re a big vamp fan in general, you’ll be pleased to learn Life Is Strange developers DONTNOD have kicked off a webseries for Vampyr. Sean Rehbein goes into more detail where you can read his piece as well as watch the first episode.

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