WB Montreal’s Game Batman: Gotham Knights To Be Revealed

WB Montreal has an upcoming panel revealing their new Batman game Gotham Knights. Revealed in the DC FanDome schedule, this studio will spend 20 minutes diving into their new DC title. Previously the developer for Batman: Arkham Origins, the studio has already hinted at creating a game based on the Bat-family. Finally, we'll get a real announcement!

WB Montreal's Game Batman: Gotham Knights To Be Revealed Cover

The Batman is back and ready to be the hero we need! Confirmed by the DC FanDome schedule, this 24-hour event includes an upcoming panel by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. It’s clear from past teases and speculation that the studio will reveal a game about the Gotham Knights.

This series of comics based off of Batman’s extended family of heroes will inevitably be the basis of WB Montreal’s game. Back in 2019, the studio, who also made Batman: Arkham Origins, teased something interesting on Batman day. This cryptic message teased a new game in the Batman universe. Future teases denoted to the game being related to the Bat-family, once a longtime Batman comic writer posted the hashtag “#bewarethecourtofowls”.

Now in 2020, with this DC fan event coming up, fans are waiting patiently for WB Montreal to speak up. The DC FanDome schedule lists WB Montreal’s event for August 22nd at 10:30 AM PST. Through the fan event’s actual website, the panel description is as follows,

Gamers! You won’t want to miss this first look at an exciting new game, and Q&A with its developers. 20 min

This isn’t the only DC game being announced, though. Just one week ago, Rocksteady games teased their upcoming Suicide Squad game. This panel will be at 5:00 PM PST later that day. August will be a great month for DC and gaming fans alike! 

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