Watch the PS5 Teardown Here – An Up-close Look at the Console

Get an up-close look at the ins and outs of the PS5 console's components here with this latest teardown from PlayStation. This PS5 teardown features an up-close and personal look at the hardware of the upcoming PlayStation 5 that will soon be hitting shelves this November.

Watch the PS5 Teardown Here - An Up-close Look at the Console

Demonstrated by EVP of Hardware Engineering and Operation at Sony, Masayasu Ito, the PS5 teardown gives us a deep look at the standard console’s internal components; many of which further explain the console’s increased power, speed and extra quiet performance. A low-key confirmation that many soon-to-be PlayStation 5 owners will enjoy is that the console’s two faceplates are easily removable, making customisable versions a very likely possibility. 

PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware

For those not wanting to sift through the 7-minute video, here are the components mentioned: 


  • Size – 104mm wide, 390 mm high, 260mm deep. 
  • Front – USB Type-C port (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) and Type-A port with Hi-Speed USB support. 
  • Rear – USB Type-A port (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps), LAN port, HDMI OUT port, AC IN connector (power port).
  • Two air vents at the front.
  • Exhaust port at the entirety of the rear.
  • Removable base that also supports the console on its side.
  • Both white faceplates/panels are easily removable.

External (Under Faceplates) 

  • Top of the cooling fan that draws in air from both sides (directly under the faceplates).
  • Two dust catchers.
  • M.2 interface with PCle 4.0 support for future storage expansion . 


  • Double-sided air intake cooling fan – 120mm diameter, 45mm thick. 
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray Drive Unit, covered with sheet metal case, mounted with two layers of insulators to reduce drive noise and vibration.
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 antenna. 
  • CPU: X86-64-AMD Ryzen “Zen 2” – 8 cores and 16 threads, running up to 3.5GHz.
  • GPU: AMD Radeon – RDNA 2-based graphics engine – driven up to 2.23 GHz and delivers 10.3 TFLOPS.
  • Memory: GDDR6 16GB – delivers max bandwidth of 448GB per second.
  • Storage: 825GB SSD.
  • Customer SSD controller – read speeds as fast as 5.5GB per second at raw data transfer rates, significantly reducing game loading times.
  • SoC – small silicon die with a high thermal density running at a very high clock rate.
  • Liquid metal thermal conductor (TIM) for long-term, stable and high cooling performance. It sits between the SoC and the heatsink.
  • Heatsink – uses a heat pipe like the PS3 and PS4, but the new shape and airflow has each given an enhanced performance, which is needed to run in tandem with the very high clock rate of the SoC.
  • 350W power supply unit

The console’s removable base is usable when keeping the PS5 either vertical or horizontal, it requires a couple of steps first, so Xbox UK immediately went to Twitter with what they believed to be a subtle burn. A bit more detail on the PS5 teardown’s given in Masayasu Ito’s PlayStation blog that was released in conjunction with the video. Has all the extra technical mumbo jumbo made you any more or less sure of which gaming console you want for the next generation? Check out our console buyer’s guide and we’ll go through which of the new PlayStations or Xbox’s are right for you. 

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