Watch Dogs – DLC Bad Blood review

Watch Dogs - DLC Bad Blood review.

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IGN is taking you through the new DLC of Watch Dogs. Bad Blood is the first of coming DLCs. In Bad Blood you are going to play for a different character and shortly after the events of the main game. The game is still the same. Don't expect some revolutionary changes. It's just different and you have no depressions like with Pearce.

In the end of the review Daniel is saying:

"In short, Bad Blood is still Watch Dogs. It’s not a tonal or stylistic change of gears like Far Cry’s Blood Dragon. But with the introduction of co-op it teases out a highly enjoyable mode from its existing mechanics and the introduction of T-Bone makes the game, well, a bit friendlier. The easiest way to convey that difference is a quick comparison of Aiden and T-Bone’s secret hideouts. After all, you can tell a lot about a man from their high-tech lair. Aiden’s was something straight out of the Dark Knight – clean, clinical, banks of surveillance monitors. This was a man blighted by paranoia. T-Bone’s is set into the basement of an old factory; it has a well-stocked beer fridge and on the wall is a talking moose which, when activated, recites old gags."

Watch Dogs - Bad Blood Teaser

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