Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Run on the Xbox Series X and One X

New footage shows Cyberpunk 2077 run on both the Xbox Series X and One X, giving the first console look at the game. Previously, CD Projekt Red has focused more on the PC release. Now we have an idea of how both generations will handle the ambitious RPG.

Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Run on the Xbox Series X and One X

CD Projekt Red released a video today showing off Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Xbox Series X and One X. This lets us see how it will play on the two different iterations of Microsoft’s console.

The gameplay shows off one of the game’s quests, “Automatic Love,” where V, the protagonist you will play, is looking for a missing person. No worries for spoilers, as the footage is edited to avoid those issues. While watching, the footage switches seamlessly between Series X and One X with an indicator at the corner to let you know what you are watching. We get to see plenty of driving, action and character interaction. One person we see is Johnny Silverhand, that’s right, Keanu Reeves makes an appearance which has often been through cutscenes, but now we see a conversation between him and the player.

The difference between the two Xbox consoles during the video is nothing major. But we do see some sharper visuals and a smoother-looking frame rate on the Series X. It is important to note that this is running off the Series X backward compatibility, so it is not fully enhanced like if it were built separately to take full advantage of the next-gen machine.


Much of the focus the studio has had on its upcoming RPG has been on PC. This is the first significant look at what it will look like on consoles. While this is heavily edited and only a small sample size, we get a glimpse at how the game will run on either generation. 

What do you think of the Xbox Series X and One X gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077? What platform will you be playing on December 10? Let us know all of your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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