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A little bit from a lover of RPG genre and the Fallout game series.

  I've never played Wastelland 1, I grew up on Fallout 1 and 2, which are still on first place of my TOP. As soon as I heard about Wastelland 2, I was full of anticipation. After beta testing in January, my interest waned rapidly. Now I have Wastelland 2 purchased and played for over 36 hours.
  The game begins with character creation. Although you can choose from several pre-built, but I automatically reached into my own imagination. As in any RPG, there is a lot of attributes and skills. How was my choice?

Amaunetkalady Amaunet Phoenix

( Leader and speaker )

Primary attributes Primary skills
Secondary skills
Inteligence Handgun Kiss Ass
Charisma Leader Smart Ass
Computer Science Toaster repair


  In eleven years, she was rescued by a team of Rangers from the basement of a burning house, where her parents hid her during the attack of raiders. Not being a dog Buffi, who sensed her, no one would survive the massacre.
  Rangers took her and brought up in the citadel. Since childhood she played the sheriff and with a host of aunts and uncles rangers, she revealed the secrets of tactics and honor. With her charm and cleverness, it was clear that one day she will lead her own team.

*   *   *BorisBoris Stone

( demolition man and bumper )

Primary attributes
Primary skills
Secondary skills
Strength Shotguns Heavy weapons
Speed Blunt weapons Mechanic repair
Demolitions Hard Ass


  Explosives are his passions, whether for disposal or use. Classic tough guy, which everyone would rather avoid. He joined to the rangers rather for kicks and to prove that the world has a useful place for him.

*  *  *AmaunetkaSun´Li "Bullseye"

( deadly range and survivalist )

Primary attributes
Primary skills
Secondary skills
Coordination Sniper rifles Perception
Awareness Weaponsmithing Alarm disarming
Outdoorsman Locpicking


  As the daughter of a hunter since childhood slept with a rifle instead of doll. With her father traveled wasteland between settlements and helped with wolves and other vermin, which caused problems. Since she hates injustice and larger cities, Rangers were one of the options, where to seek refuge after his father's death.
   Thanks to knowledge of wilderness survival and inborn mindfulness is invaluable reinforcement for the Rangers. Her shooting skills rival even experienced rangers.

*  *  *Image titleKarin

( medic and support )

Primary attributes
Primary skills
Secondary skills
Coordination Medic Safecracking
Luck Surgeon Animal whisperer
Inteligence Rifles


  As a child she had as only friends her dogs Buffi and Mister Paw, about which she cared, but Bufi was injured by a grenade explosion and carried by Rangers. During her life she learned how to help people and joined the Rangers later as a field doctor. During training recognized Amaunet and their mutual affection was a public secret. They have more in common than just a dog Buffi.

  I know, its not so optimal party, but people aren't optimal 🙂
You can have up three more companions. Now I have two of them. I am playing the third of four difficulty. Game is really challenge and sometimes i barely survive.
  Animal whispering is a really cool thing. You can tame animals and get some bonuses to attributes. For example, in addition dogs attack the enemies and gives you 1+ to charisma ( puppies ).
  It's good to specialize each character, becouse difficulties of minigames is rising pretty fast. Kinky lockpick does not matter much, but activated mine is a serious problem 😀

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    I want to start playing soon too. Fallout is one of my best series. So we will see 🙂


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