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Wartile back in production

After a Kickstarter campaign ended last year unsuccessfully despite widespread approval and interest, Indie game Wartile has been revived and is in closed alpha, Wartile is inching closer and closer to a release date in 2017.

Wartile back in production
Combining a solid concept with a fresh layer of originality and visual appeal, Wartile seemed ready to be the next big game to come from Kickstarter. However it fell victim to many of the pitfalls that indie games on Kickstarter often do, and was cancelled. But now it seems Playwood Project has quietly revived their game, and continued work on it.

Wartile has something that is sure to appeal to many fans of the Real Time Strategy genre. It's based on the real-world tabletop wargames, games like Warhammer 40k and Warmachine but has been significantly streamlined and simplified so as to not bog you down with layers of complexity. The game has individual mini figures represented on the board rather than rows and rows of squadrons or units. There's a hexagonal board and a card based system for skills instead of the tree. But that is where the similarities end and the rest of the games features are more alike what you'd find in your standard RTS game.

As of October 14th in the Steam Discussion about if the game was still active, developers confirmed that they were shooting for a Quarter 1 or Quarter 2 release in 2017. 

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