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Warframe Nightwave is Live: What To Expect

Warframe has today dropped another surprise for faithful Tenno across the galaxy. In Digital Extremes' ongoing mission to deliver second-to-none customer service, their latest update replaces Warframe’s Alert system with Nightwave - a pirate radio based mini series of its own, offering up limited-time loot and ongoing Acts to work through. Dive in to learn the details, Tenno!

Warframe Nightwave is Live: What To Expect

Warframe’s Nightwave update has dropped, the first series of which is called The Wolf of Saturn Six. This  addresses a long maligned aspect of the game – the stale Alerts system. Gone are the underwhelming missions with underwhelming rewards. Simultaneously, Nightwave addresses a small storytelling issue where the free to play game has had players waiting for as long as a year in some cases to experience the next chapter in the epic sci-fi saga. 

Completing daily and weekly episodes of the Nightwave series, Tenno will work towards completing Acts. The conclusion of which will reward the Tenno with limited time only loot. 

Unlike the similar battle pass systems of games like Quake: Champions or Fortnite, this is free and Digital Extremes is being up front about the loot Tenno can look forward to receiving. Two Warframe and weapon slots are also up for grabs with a little grinding. Check out the image below, courtesy of Digital Extremes, which explains which loot can be earned as Tenno rise up the reward tiers.

Warframe Nightwave is Live: What To Expect - Reward tiers

Nightwave’s reward tier system will be very similar to how the game’s faction systems work. Tenno will have to earn Wolf Creds through playing Nightwave missions in order to rise up the ranks with the Nora. The higher the rank, the better the reward Tenno can invest in with Wolf Cred. Three new loot will arrive to the Warframe universe. This comes in the form of Umbra Forma, allowing Tenno to install Umbra polarity to any Warframe or weapon. "Your Warframe 'suits' you… ha…ha.

The second is the new series’ staple Saturn Six Armour Bundle, which serves as a cool cosmetic to be attached to any frame of your choice. Finally, a new emote, the Wolf Howl, can be unlocked.

Warframe Nightwave is Live: What To Expect - Answer the call Tenno!

Remember that earned Wolf Creds and the reward pool on offer will only be viable during this series. No word as yet when series one will come to an end, so tune in to Nightwave Tenno, and grab the loot while its hot! 

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