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VR Strategy Tethered coming to Oculus and SteamVR

Critically acclaimed VR Strategy/God Game, Tethered, coming to Oculus and SteamVR with experience enhancing motion controller interaction.

VR Strategy Tethered coming to Oculus and SteamVR

9th February 2017, St. Helens, UK

Secret Sorcery’s virtual reality strategy game is coming to Windows PC platforms with a simultaneous launch on Oculus and Steam VR, date tbc. Tethered debuted on PlayStation VR in October 2016 to critical acclaim, bringing innovative and original gameplay to the embryonic platform.

Since then, the UK based studio have been developing a range of motion controller interactions that allow players to physically use their hands in the world. Support for Touch, HTC Vive and PlayStation Move is confirmed.

VR Strategy Tethered coming to Oculus and SteamVR

“Additionally, the team have been busy exploiting the increased horsepower that PC and PS4 Pro offer players. As well as being able to reach out with your hands and influence particle systems such as waterfalls and dust motes, the game’s already rich universe has been enhanced by the addition of even more surrounding sky islands, cloud layers and a beautiful aurora that can be seen across the night sky. Image quality is noticeably smoother and the additional post processing to render dazzlingly beautiful god-rays and bloom effects makes for a heavenly experience. A multitude of other improvements include material and particle enhancements, such as the refractive water and cascading waterfalls. The increased performance also allows us to boost the fidelity of the voxelization process we use on our game objects, so building construction is visually more dramatic.”

VR Strategy Tethered coming to Oculus and SteamVR

Alan McDermott – Creative Director at Secret Sorcery had this to say: “Tethered has never looked more beautiful. Harnessing the additional power of PC VR platforms and PS4 Pro, we’ve created an even more magical experience that really helps cement the player’s sense of immersion. With your hands in the world in front of you, reaching out to interact with things feels totally intuitive. Until now, the player’s perspective was fixed to the clouds, but with motion control, you can physically move through the lovingly hand painted environments and get really close to the Peeps to watch them carry out their tasks! You can even scale your presence so you’re the same size as a Peep (which genuinely heightens the emotional connection the player has with them) or bigger than the island itself (so it appears as a tiny diorama laid out before you). We’ve also included a range of options to allow the player to customize their hands-on experience and, of course, standard controller configuration is still available on all platforms."

Tethered is a strategy game in which you play the role of a “Spirit Guardian”. Your world has been consumed by a nocturnal evil, responsible for the imprisonment of all Spirit Guardians but you. You must traverse your beautiful floating sky-islands commanding the inhabitants, the Peeps, to collect Spirit Energy and free the entombed Spirit Guardians. Only then will balance and light be restored.

Twitter: @secretsorcery

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