VR Developers Concerned About Tough Market Situation

VR developers express big concerns on the market situation for VR games. It appears that the free to play and microtransaction models are failing in VR.

VR Developers Concerned About Tough Market Situation
With the advent of the various Virtual Reality headsets came great expectations from gamers worldwide. However, with the high price of admission and lack of exclusive AAA game experiences the excitement for the technology seems to be dwindling down very fast. Even the most accessible headset, the PS VR, is struggling to get a mainstream audience onto the platform. As a result, VR Developers seem to be extremely concerned for its future if the feedback from the VR Worlds event in London revealed. It appears that there are two main issues that developers face with VR, one being the implementation of an effective business model and the other an intuitive control solution.

VR Developers seem to have learned the hard way that a free to play or microtransaction model is not working out as consumers are not being very active there. This may come as a relief for those gamers that are opposed to these two business models. However, we should also note that there is a serious lack of exclusive AAA comparable to AAA games outside of VR. It seems to present such a high risk that then VR developers mostly make tech demos with the hope that consumers will be thirsty for more. It's safe to say that hings are not looking good although the technology is still in its infancy and may yet turn things around. Follow the link below to get more details on this matter.
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    XD Good! I’m sick of microtransactions. Fuck em!


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