Voice Actors Hype Marvel’s Avengers Ahead Of Gamescom

The first half of 2020 is shaping up to be a hell of time for video games. Marvel's Avengers is just one of several hotly anticipated games. Voice actors Nolan North & Troy Baker are part of the project & have shared their thoughts on the gameplay they have seen. if they're to be believed, it could end up being something pretty special.
Voice actors hype Marvel's Avengers ahead of Gamescom

Voice actors hype Marvel’s Avengers ahead of Gamescom

Marvel’s Avengers is the upcoming game from Crystal Dynamics & Edios Montreal. Announced back in 2017, the project remained tightly under wraps as you would expect from any Marvel project. We got our first look at the game at E3 2019 and it’s fair to say that people were left with mixed feelings.

The main issue seems to come down to the game’s cast looking enough like their movie counterparts, but not voiced by them. This has created a bit of an “uncanny valley” effect. However, where the movies have the cream of Hollywood talent; the Avengers game boasts some of the best voice actors in the business, including Troy Baker & Nolan North, both of Uncharted 4 fame. The two voice actors recently spoke to GameByte about working on the project and just how impressed they were with the cinematic quality of the game.

Nolan: “You always worry that [a game] looks so good, and then you get the game and you’re like, ‘Oh gameplay doesn’t look as good.’ [Avengers] really, visually, it’s one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. And obviously with The Last Of Us, Uncharted, they’re amazing, but [Avengers] blew me away.”

Troy: “It really honestly is [amazing]. I’m gonna share something with you: we saw the demo that they’re gonna release a week after Gamescom…I told our director, I was like cool, that’s a great demo, and I asked one question and he goes ‘No man, that’s all gameplay.’…It looked like a scripted event [and I was confusing it] with gameplay.”

There is a lot of unanswered questions surrounding what gamers will actually play on release day. Is it a story-focused game with an online component or an online game with a story mode? To what extent will microtransactions affect gameplay? The one thing that all fans want to know is whether Marvel’s Avengers is set in the same universe as last year’s PS4 exclusive, Spider-Man. Despite these lingering questions, I look forward to finding out more info at Gamescom 2019. Need more Avengers in your life? We discuss our thoughts on the game in a recent episode of Keencast.

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

Marvel’s Avengers is set to release on May 15th. The game is available for pre-order on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Google Stadia.

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