VOEZ Gets a Massive Content Update in Version 1.11; 50 New Songs Added

The indie rhythm game VOEZ received a massive content update, adding 50 new songs to its listing, breathing new life back into a relative unknown. The Switch port also removes rotation from the equation, allowing users a one-time purchase for access to all songs and past/future updates for free.

voez version 1.11 update switch front cover
Despite being a rhythm game, VOEZ didn’t arrive to much fanfare. It was originally a mobile game released in May 2016 for iOS, arriving on Android a week later in June of that same year. It then saw a Japanese release for the Nintendo Switch in February 2017, and a worldwide release in March 2017. 

The gameplay loop is typical of most rhythm games; a ‘metronome’-like function that you react to in-time with the music to build score and harmonize with the song, though VOEZ added a bit of extra flair with things like adjustable difficulty and the notes altering in color and thickness as they fall.

voez version 1.11 update song collection

VOEZ features nearly 300 songs to play, from across many genres; trance, EDM, synthpop, even eurodance!

What also set VOEZ apart from the herd was its peculiar accessibility. VOEZ while free, had songs on rotation instead of a static library, with the option to purchase them and essentially keep them as long as you like. This was on top of avatars and gacha elements to keep the game running. Also adding to its charm were the diary entries, telling the stories of a group of friends and their lives, adding a layer of storytelling that’s otherwise unseen in most rhythm games.

voez version 1.11 update diary

As you play through VOEZ, you’ll learn about the stories of several people through diary entries in a quasi-visual novel style.

The Nintendo Switch version, however, changed things up, making it a one-and-done purchase with access to all songs, and all future updates would be free, including the recently-launched 1.11 update.

Fifty new songs were added to the listing, bringing the total to 290. The added songs can be looked over below.

Snow Blossom / yuritoworks.
FORSETY / Analog digitaL
Beyond This World / Iris
Drop / 篤志
Deep Lies / KEN(Le’Sens Vie)
Draft / Paradigm [Eyes + August]
Katakoi Syndrome / CLoTiVE (Feat. Lielle)
Un Sospiro / かねこちはる feat. AI
sing thing feat.nortalync / Magao
conflict / siromaru + cranky
koiniochita kokuhaku / うつろ feat. 櫻樺
After School -Mira Filia- / Dr.Laintrigger Demo
maindish is my voice / originam
shining world / charon feat. Nanase Rei
Zhele / Feryquitous
Hello and Again / Maozon
Forbidden Souls / Nhato
KAEDE / Ocelot
Back to Basics / Scarfaith
The Survivor / Taishi
starT_Today / tigerlily
Double Helix / xi
volcanic / DETRO a.k.a ルゼ
Wintry Waltz / PTB10
Beyond the Natura / Sound Souler
Remain / ユアミトス
ZEUS † 666 / ルゼ
Rapture / V0iD
Accelerator / Massive New Krew
Äventyr/GrandThaw / Rigel Theatre
Darling Staring… / technoplanet feat. はるの
Doldrums / Paul Bazooka
–「妖怪録、我し来にけり。」/ TEZUKApo11o band ft.ランコ(豚乙女)+OFFICE萬田
DEADLY;WEAPON / NOMA w/ Apo11o program ft.Uzumaki
Enhanced Lights / Neutral Moon
The Mayhem / Crayvxn
One World Overpowered / Neutral Moon
Serotonin / Crayvxn
Abiogenesis / Juggernaut.
Am I delicious?/ Yamajet feat. Amane (COOL&CREATE) & Godspeed
CydraL / Feryquitous
Hypnos / xi
Kaguya / BlackY
Magnolia / M2U Vocal by Guriri
Sairai / Shinichi Kobayashi

This update came in September 15, 2022.

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