Visual Novel Chaos;Child Coming To PS4 Soon?

PQube's visual novel Chaos;Child is set to hit western shores at the end of June. Get in the suspense as you explore the mysterious murders and terrifying delusions.

Visual Novel Chaos;Child Coming To PS4 Soon?
It appears that PQube's visual novel Chaos;Child is going to release in the west sooner than expected. The game originally released in Japan back in 2014 and it looks like it will be coming to both the PS4 and PS Vita on June 30th if we are to believe a posting from Amazon Germany that was picked up by Gematsu. Interestingly enough, Chaos;Child released on Xbox One in Japan first in 2014 and only hit the PlayStation ecosystem a year later. Now it seems that following the example set with Steins;Gate this new franchise will land on PlayStation platforms in western shores while avoiding the Xbox One altogether once again.

Visual novel Chaos;Child is the sequel to 2008 Chaos;Head which unfortunately never left Japan. The psycho-suspense game has you play the role of the president of a high-school newspaper by the name of Takuru Miyashiro who happens to experience severe delusions. The game actually allows you to influence what kind of delusions he suffers and this in turn affects the course of the story. You will decide how the story goes with multiple story branches and plenty murder mysterious to tackle. The game is reputed to be over 50 hours long as well to complete. Sounds like another visual novel worth diving into. Check out the trailer below:

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