Vikings: War of Clans – The Shaman RPG Experience

Prior to Christmas, an update was released for the critically acclaimed, Vikings: War of Clans, which included a large amount of improvements, and the addition of the Shaman into the game. The Shaman is the newest member of the players army, and looks to be a stimulating inclusion into the game.

Vikings: War of Clans - The Shaman RPG Experience
The Ghosts have appeared all across the lands, and just in time, the Shaman has risen forth to battle these vile invaders. This is fortunate indeed, as your original Hero is unable to penetrate these invaders’ defenses with his weapons of steel, as mighty as they are. Only the Shaman can inflict damage upon these evil forces.

The first step to unlocking the Shaman, which is but a minor hurdle and only affects the newest of new Jarls, is to upgrade the towns Palace to its 12th level. Once this was achieved, Jarls across the realm are able to build both the Hall of Mysteries and the Rune Workshop, two vital buildings required in order to obtain and grow the Shamans power. Once constructed, Jarls are able to summon forth a new powerful Shaman ally. The first of these is named Baggi the Big, a powerful and seasoned warrior keen in both mind and body.

Vikings: War of Clans - The Shaman RPG Experience
As could be seen when selecting Baggi the Big, Jarls can also summon forth Inga the Wise, another powerful master of the elements. However, the Chronicle will first explore the skills and powers of Baggi, as he is the first available free Shaman that Jarls can select. Igna the Wise must be unlocked via purchasing unique packages offered within the "bank." Upon welcoming Baggi the Big into the players town, he immediately begins to take up residence within the Hall of Mysteries, where he will continue to reside. By clicking and visiting this building [Hall of Mysteries], players are able explore the powers, bonuses and skills that Baggi possesses.

Similar to the players hero, the newly added Shaman has the ability to be equip various sets of gear, all of which will grant different and varying abilities based on the quality of the gear that you craft in your other new building, the Rune Workshop. In addition, the Shamans skills will affect the players town, the other units he commands, and can improve a towns resource production and yields. Therefore, it is clear that growing and commanding a Shaman is a true RPG experience. One in which Jarls can plot and choose the desired path they will wish to take their newest Hero, molding him into a specific play style and growing as he grows.

Developer Details 

Vikings: War of Clans is developed by Plarium Global Ltd – who were established in 2009. Plarium are dedicated to providing the best mobile and social experience for hardcore and casual gamers worldwide. In addition, Plarium are consistently ranked one of the best Facebook pages for hardcore gamers, and employ 1200 people with offices in Israel, Russia, Ukraine and the United States. In October 2017, Plarium were acquired by Aristocrat and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Game Details

The fan-favourite MMO Vikings: War of Clans is set in a beautiful but deadly Northern Land where only true warriors survive. Find a perfect place to settle and erect your Viking village, where players get the opportunity to train and build their armies, and spread their legacy across the land.

Under the guiding eye of Odin himself, the players armies will descend on your enemies and pave your way to glorious victory. But, true glory cannot be achieved by sharp axes alone. The gods will bestow upon players the knowledge in warfare, diplomacy and trade necessary to spread their legacy across the Northern Lands. Will you rule the Northern lands in Vikings: War of Clans?

You can visit the official Vikings: War of Clans game site here. In addition, gameplay footage of the game can be viewed below. And if you are interested in Vikings even more, there are more games to check out. For example Vikings in Civilisation IV or our Ancestors Legacy First Impressions where you can see Vikings in reality, yes, we met them :-).

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