Video Game Adaptation of Laid-Back Camp Anime in the Works

Japanese video game developers Mages are set to release a video game adaptation of Laid-Back Camp, an adorable anime about camping in Japan's peaceful countryside. No release date has been given, or details of what platforms it is being developed for. Laid-Back Camp, also known as Yuru Camp, is currently in its second season.

Video Game Adaptation of Laid-Back Camp Anime in the Works cover.

Laid-Back Camp, also known as Yuru Camp, is a relaxing anime about a group of young girls who go camping as a hobby. The slice-of-life anime is filled with stunning illustrations of Japan’s mountainous countryside, and ditches action-packed stories for more intimate and down-to-Earth narratives. Mages, the developers who are behind visual novels such as Memories Off and the upcoming Famicon Detective Club remakes, have announced that a video game adaptation of Laid-Back Camp is on its way.

The announcement was made on Mages’ Twitter account. Screenrant reports that the tweet, written in Japanese, does not reveal much beyond specifying that the game will be made by Mages. Although no information is given regarding what kind of gameplay we can expect, given Mages history it would not be a surprise to discover that the adaptation will be a visual novel.

It is certainly a good time to be a fan of Laid-Back Camp. The second season of the anime premiered in 2021 and continues the camping adventures of Nadeshiko Kagamihara and her friends. Much like the first season, it shows off the beauty of Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture while demonstrating what fun camping with good friends can be. Furthermore, a virtual reality game based on the series was released on Steam in March 2021. Titled Laid-Back Camp – Virtual, the game is set near Mount Fuji and features characters from the anime series including Nadeshiko, Rin Shima and Chiaki Ogaki.

No word has been given yet on what platforms the Laid-Back Camp video game adaptation by Mages will be released on. However, if it does turn out to be a visual novel, it seems like it would be the perfect title to have on portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.

For those who want to experience the tranquility of Japan but are not ready for the bloody sword-wielding of Ghost of Tsushima, perhaps Laid-Back Camp is worth looking out for.

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