Victrix Pro FS and Pro FS-12 Announced At EVO 2022

Arcade sticks are one of many ways to play fighting games in this day and age, and Victrix has been making them for a couple of years now. At EVO 2022, though, the team announced their newest products, the Pro FS and Pro FS-12, the latter of the two being an all-button controller, similar to a Hitbox.

Victrix Pro FS and Pro FS-12 Announced At EVO 2022

EVO 2022 is happening right now over in Las Vegas, and while there, various fighting game announcements are in store for attendees and fans at home alike. One such announcement comes from the likes of controller developer Victrix, owned by PDP. For those unaware, Victrix makes various arcade sticks and controllers, such as the Pro FX arcade stick (available now). At EVO 2022, they announced the next arcade stick in production, the Pro FS, and its companion, the Pro FS-12.

Both feature an integrated 6.28° wrist slope to help reduce fatigue, and that’s where the similarities end. The Pro FS is a traditional arcade stick, for the more classic style, and the Pro FS-12 is a twelve-button arcade stick with no lever, similar to a Hitbox, and each model will come in a purple or white finish. Attendees at EVO 2022 are in luck when it comes to purchasing it, as they’ll be able to pre-order the new arcade sticks early, and they’ll run you about $399.99 USD.

You can watch a new trailer for the Victrix Pro FS and Victrix Pro FS-12 below.

“The fighting game community has been asking for another Pro FS, and now we’re bringing them the most advanced iteration yet along with the all-new Pro FS-12 button style stick,” said Trevor Lehr, Director of Product Development at Victrix. “We’re excited to be able to offer our first early pre-orders at Evo, directly reaching the community that cares most about our products.”

Attendees at EVO 2022 that also compete will have a chance to win a special gold finish of the Victrix Pro FS arcade stick, which won’t be sold or obtainable elsewhere. All you need to do is finish in the top three of whatever game you’re entering (such as Guilty Gear Strive). The Pro FS that you’ll get from placing there will have the game’s name engraved on the frame, making it unique.

Pre-orders for the Victrix Pro FS are available early at EVO 2022 and on Victrix’s website.

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